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  1. Here's my experience on this server: Connect & Crash. While speaking to their Discord about why it's down, all I say is "Everyone likes a new car until it breaks." and I got banned. Admins don't follow training, blame players from other servers for their server issues, and ban players who never got a chance to every play. -5/1
  2. Stride Gaming has gone down due to some maintenance and will return fairly shortly! Expect 72 hours until Open Alpha returns!
  3. Add my skype: Cynergetic Add my Skype: Cynergetic
  4. Oh, Hiya! I am here today to seek an "employee" who will be responsible for the scratch creation of a UCP that will be used with our Roleplay server, as well as a forum theme/skin and a mainpage for our server network! This developer must be skilled in SQL, HTML(HTML5 preferred), PHP, Bootstrap (Sleek looking aint it?) and MyBB forum sets (until we are prepared to invest in a more permanent solution). This developer will be given feedback of ideas for the UCP layout and the UCP Features, as well as features for our main site and forum skin. These projects
  5. No major changes this time around, but a quick script update: - Senior Administrators are now deemed MANAGEMENT (Icons displayed ingame) - Lead Admin/Head Admin are now deemed UPPER ADMINISTRATION TEAM - Custom Interiors Repaired (To An Extent) - Outdated UCP Uploaded and functioning (To be MAJORLY Altered) Also - Secondary Server will be made for a San Fierro based roleplay environment (Lets bring it back? Maybe?) - Tertiary Server will be made for a Las Venturas based roleplay environment (New? Unique? Maybe?) Minor changes as this week have bes been busy
  6. Shoot me a message on here or on Skype and we'll talk!
  7. Announcing Changed To Software We have pushed our server forward into 1.5.4 instead of the previously supported 1.5.3. Sorry it took us so long to update to 1.5.4. Hopefully with this change it will fix some of the high latency issues some players have experienced. - Cynergetic Network Master @ Stride Networks Head Administrator @ Stride Gaming Roleplay
  8. Cell Phones don't run on a stable dynamic/static network. Each time your phone pings a new Cellular Tower, the IP can be reset and ports reclosed. I do not recommend using a cellular devices (Android or iPhone) to run a server, not to mention it's a pain when it comes to tethering as your bill will be much higher than if you were to use your Wifi. If you are looking for a Mapping Server to map with your friends, I will rent you some space on my dedicated server for it ($5USD/month) if that would help. Contact me on Skype: Cynergetic or VIA Forum PM
  9. Stride Gaming Networks is currently looking for Administration for it's server(s)! We are a roleplaying community within GTA 5 Online (PC), GTA 5 Reborn (PC, Upcoming Server) and MTA:SA! We are looking for Administrators (from Trial Supporter to Senior Administrator, Trial Mapper to Mapper, Trial Scripter to Scripter, Vehicle Team) for our Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas server! These administrators will be required to preform the following duties: - Take Player Reports (In-Game, UCP, Forum) - Take Notes of Reports, as well as unbiased views to each situation to determine proper pun
  10. Are you still doing this? I'm looking for a scripter and I will be willing to set it up as a contract job (Paid, Multiple Projects (not from scratch)) PM me if interested!
  11. Stride Gaming Roleplay "A Stride Forward To The Path Of Uniqueness" Oh Hey! Didn't see you there! Welcome to Stride! We are a new and upcoming Free-World Roleplay Server that has brought forward new laws, new rules and new jurisdictions into it's community. Stride Gaming was originally created by myself (Cynergetic / Nick) and a couple friends who are avid gamers interested in the roleplaying scene. The name Stride comes from the purpose of taking a last standing "Stride" forward to create a positive, fun-loving and devoted roleplaying community within a network of games (MTA:
  12. Server Discontinued. Sorry to see TrueLife go, but look forward to our new project! For more information into the closure of TrueLife, please PM me!
  13. As the server experienced a development short fall, we have pushed forward and are making a few changes to the server and the team! We are NOW HIRING OUR ENTIRE TEAM! Interest can be forwarded to Cynergetic (Skype) or PM me on here. ECONOMY CHANGES As our economy plans to be Player-Decisive, the following has been altered: - Each Paycheck is now DYNAMIC! ((Slightly Implemented)) By Dynamic we define the need for players to want to get on their feet. Instead of manually collecting business pay, it will be deposited with your paycheck every hour. Also, side jobs (Like Mechanic, T
  14. No. Just undergoing some stress within the team, which has put the project on hold.
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