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  1. I created a DGS Panel and created a Radio Button. Start function twice when I start the Radio Button. Sample: rb1 = dgsCreateRadioButton (35, 285, 157, 25, "Nos NORMAL", false, panel) rb2 = dgsCreateRadioButton (35, 315, 157, 25, "Nos NFS", false, panel) rb3 = dgsCreateRadioButton (35,340,157,30, "Nos HYBRID", false, panel) ----- if source == rb1 OutputNotification ("Nos Stilin NORMAL Here it is", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "normal") elseif source == rb2 then outputNotification ("Nos Stilin Today by NFS", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "nfs") elseif source == rb3 then outputNotification ("Nos Stilin is Here by HYBRID", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "hybrid") last ----- RESULT = outputNotification ("Nos Stilin Made by NFS", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "nfs") outputNotification ("Nos Stilin Today by NFS", 4) executeCommandHandler ("nos", "nfs") --------------------------------- I Solved the Problem
  2. If the gridlist is a column4 and one of the items has a value of "1", the text of the column3 value of that item will be deleted. When finish = true, the item with value "1" if the value is "2" the item will be 1, if the "3" is the 2 if it is the latest "10" if it will be 9 if I can do it guiGridListSetItemText (grid, row1, column4, guiGridListGetRowCount(grid), false, false) ---------- <~~ queue example sorry for bad english
  3. Sona kalan 2 kişinin ismi nasıl chatta gösterebilirim şöyle getAlivePlayers[2] ile getAlivePlayers[1] mücadele başladı yardımınızı bekliyorum