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  1. Сonnection problem

    decided. topic closed
  2. Сonnection problem

    Start server using virtual machine. But, connect not work. I want to go to local IP ( Help please)
  3. Starting server on mac os

  4. Starting server on mac os

    Hi! does it work? I just can't find how to start the server on MacOS
  5. Where are people?

    Before the people were more here. Mta abandoned? I have a problem and no one can help me. I do not know how to start the server on MacOS. And the link is old. Sorry for my English.
  6. Starting server on mac os

    Hello. I'm working on macbook. And I want to test scripts on macbook. But I don't know how to start the server on macos. Please help.
  7. map

    Was used Texture Studio samp
  8. map

    Hello. I buy interior for mta server. But I was given a job in this form. How to put this on the server? Need a converter? //Map Exported with Texture Studio By: [uL]Pottus//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Objects//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// new tmpobjid; tmpobjid = CreateDynamicObject(19377,-2355.042,934.786,93.446,0.000,90.000,0.000,-1,-1,-1,300.000,300.000); SetDynamicObjectMaterial(tmpobjid, 0, 2821, "gb_foodwrap01", "sm_marble", 0x00000000); tmpobjid = CreateDynamicObject(19447,-2352.515,949.228,91.945,0.000,0.000,89.999,-1,-1,-1,300.000,300.000); SetDynamicObjectMaterial(tmpobjid, 0, 9514, "711_sfw", "ws_carpark2", 0x00000000);
  9. Update Lua

    Callum, thank you.
  10. Update Lua

    When the update Lua? and whether it will? Why not introduce a new programming language? (JS, Python, C#)
  11. distant light

    Hey guys! (Sorry its google translete. I do not know much English) Is it possible to make long-range and low beam headlights of the car?
  12. Off automatic start engine

    Working! Thank you all who helped!!! CodyJ, xeon, MrTasty thanks you!
  13. Off automatic start engine

    xeon, here is my code.Does not help. I enter in the car and he automatically starts the engine
  14. Off automatic start engine

    xeon, I'm trying to make a motor system as a role play. When I get in the car. Engine is automatically started. How to make sure to not start automatically?
  15. Off automatic start engine

    CodyJ, when I sit in the car, engine is automatically started. I want to manually here is my code function turnEngine(player) local car = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) if(car and getVehicleController(car) == player) then setVehicleEngineState(car,(not getVehicleEngineState(car))) if(getVehicleEngineState(car)) then outputChatBox("Двигатель запущен", player, 0, 255, 0) else outputChatBox("Двигатель заглушен", player, 255, 0, 0) end end end addCommandHandler ("engine",turnEngine) EngineTable = {} function enterVehicle () setVehicleEngineState(source, EngineTable[source] or false) EngineTable[source] = nil end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleEnter", root, enterVehicle) function exitVehicle () EngineTable[source] = getVehicleEngineState(source) end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleExit", root, enterVehicle)