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  1. (CEF) Data transfer

    Hi, I use the CEF system for inventory. There are problems with FPS, with active use. For data transfer I use Ajax. She cope badly. Are there other ways to transfer data? (I do not want to use DX)
  2. crash client

    Thanks for the info. I have one warning. Because of this can be?
  3. crash client

    Hi, When I play, after 15-30 minutes the game crashes. What is the problem?
  4. Correct file structure

    like that?
  5. Correct file structure

    Well, which one do you use?
  6. Correct file structure

    Thank's man. Can you show a good file structure?(screenshot)
  7. Correct file structure

    Hi, I'm looking for an ideal structure for files. If I keep all the scripts in one resource and compile all scripts into one file in server.lua and client.lua is this bad?
  8. Site and server on different hosting

    without loss of speed?
  9. Hi, I want server to put on vps, but a site for hosting. But the database is connected. it is possible? If so, is it bad? Better when all together?
  10. [Question] New IDs to objects

    Future will it be?
  11. [Question] New IDs to objects

    Hi, Possible to assign new IDs to objects?
  12. [GUI] Question

    Hi guys. I have a question. Why do some servers with a large hearing audience use the standard Interface? It is much esthetic and better when your drawn interface is used . May it be caused because of a resource consumption? is there a standart gui on the second screenshot?
  13. –°onnection problem

    decided. topic closed
  14. –°onnection problem

    Start server using virtual machine. But, connect not work. I want to go to local IP ( Help please)
  15. Starting server on mac os