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    I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I'm an average nobody.


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    cu BMX sunt un biker destul de bun scheme cu bmx..
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    noi moduri! dacia 1310/bmw e30 si nou bmx
  1. Xmen85

    MTA lagging

    Also i tried window mode but lagging, when i start mta its asking to select an nvidia optimus option, standanrd nvidia, alternative nvidia I played today and when i am in first person its not lagging, but when i am in third person is lagging and when the camera view its close to a wall the is not lagging, Even lagging in the houses.. and the player names its not showing and not even mine. lagging=20-30 fps no lagging = 100-110 fps i dont have fps show in game but i think its approximately I discover the memory its not the issue because now its 75% in use.
  2. Xmen85

    MTA lagging

    Hi, i have a problem with MTA, lagging and i have a good laptop. Before installing windows 8.1 the game move good but when i reinstalled windows 8.1 because my laptop was freezing mta is lagging. I installed all the drivers manually and with a application named driver booster 6, i dont know why the game is lagging... I installed game ready driver in game lowest settings, in nvidia control panel i do all the settings for high performance, battery its on high performace i installed even oem drivers, i downloaded the windows from the microsoft and installed manually, i dont know to do settings in BIOS maybe in BIOS is the problem and the windows is asking for activate. Another thing, in game i open task manager and i saw the memory its 95%. graphic card - NVIDIA geforce 920M series processor - intel R core TM I5-5200CPU 2.20ghz windows - 8.1 pro memory ram - 4GB Help! Sorry for my bad english
  3. As vrea sa sugerez niste moduri, vreau sa se bage cars old gen dacia 1310 bmw e30 macar atat. si un skin pe BMX mai nou si care poti sa faci stunturi.. pe server joc doar sa fac scheme si roleplay si imi place foarte mult bmx. si vreau sa se bage un bmx gen freestyle de scheme