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  1. I've allready found it... But it's strange... When i set my port to 2126 then he does it but on 2003 not anymore....
  2. Ey, Yesterday i had the problem that i can't connect to my own server anymore.... so couldn't an friend of myne. I could only connect when i typed my network adress.... but that friend couldn't of course what could be the problem for this??? An couple of days earlyer is just could connect to my server...
  3. OK i've allready found it... I just had an cheater on my server... I gave him an warning... And now he stopped cheating... But what can i do when they keep on cheating?? Yes i know banning their IP but can i give it treu to you and do you do something with it?
  4. Ey I´ve an own server. But i want to have an admin panel or something so i can kick some guys of when they don´t hold thereselfs on the rules... But how could i do this? I´ve seen something in the server config about port 4003... But when i connect to it in MTA client i can´t get in..
  5. QUICKNET.... 1024 KB/s Upstream and downstream!
  6. Guys I will be the Halloween Server. So everybody can login to my server tonight... from 18:30 Dutch Time! Happy Halloween! ALLREADY GETTING SCARRED? My server IP :
  7. I have finally opened the ports on my router so i can set up an server... Yesterday it worked.. I had no problems... But now every time when someone joines my server the server stops and goes away from my screen.... How can i repair this? i Have Windows XP and i've set the game compability to Windows 98... But still the same problem... And i have reinstalled MTA two...
  8. Do i have to be here? When i have to what to do then?
  9. http://www.sweex.com/product.asp?pid=144 That's the Router i have. But i still don't know how to forward those ports. I think i must do it in in the configuration of the router but where..... Can someone may explain me correctly? Or Can someone explain me in Dutch?
  10. Yeah... i am behind an router but how can i forward the ports 2003 and 2126 to my PC? And do i hae to do that again to my router then??
  11. Wat bedoel je? Ik wil een server via het internet doen maar dat lukt niet........
  12. Hey, I wanna play the server but i'm behind an router..... How can i now be an sever? Is there any option for this? I tryed to put the ip to my router on the game but it didn't wokr....
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