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  1. oyunun standart paintjoblarından bahsediyorsan, onlar değişmiyor diye biliyorum ama yinede istersen forumda ingilizce bi arat çözüm yolu bulamazsan shader ile özel kaplama sistemi yapabilirsin. DD sunucularının paketlerinde vardır araç skin olayları. Onlara göz atabilrisin
  2. function pedHealthbar() local target = getPedTarget(localPlayer) -- get localPlayers's target for k, peds in pairs(getElementsByType("ped", root, true)) do if getElementData(peds, "type") == "Secur.ped" then if ( isElement(target) and target == peds ) then local recBar = dxDrawRectangle(sX+420, sY-600,150, 12, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 200)) local health = getElementHealth(peds) local lineLength = 144 * (health / 100) local healthBar = dxDrawRectangle(sX+423, sY-597,lineLength, 7, tocolor(46, 139, 87, 210)) dxDrawText("Security", sX+460, sY-627, sX+155, sY-19-(32*7), tocolor(
  3. speed run from Slothman's superpowers script; local obj = {} function WaterWalk() if obj[localPlayer] then local x,y,_ = getElementPosition(localPlayer) setElementPosition(obj[localPlayer],x,y,-.6) end end function WaterOn() local px,py,_ = getElementPosition(localPlayer) obj[localPlayer] = createObject(3095,px,py,-2) setElementAlpha(obj[localPlayer],0) setElementDimension(obj[localPlayer], getElementDimension(localPlayer)) setTimer ( destroyElement, 50, 1, obj[localPlayer]) end function getPointFromDistanceRotation(x, y, dist, angle) local a = math.rad(90 - angle);
  4. --client-side yasaklilar = { --"command", "useitem", "say", ... } addEventHandler("onClientKey", root,function(button, press) local komut = getBinds(button) if komut and press then if not guiGetInputEnabled() and not isChatBoxInputActive() then cancelEvent() outputChatBox("This button has an inappropriate command. To remove: #FFFFFF/unbind #CC0000"..button.." #FFFFFF"..komut, 255,0,0, true) end end end) function getBinds(buton) for i,v in pairs(yasaklilar) do local butons = getBoundKeys ( v ) if type(butons) ~= "boolean" and butons[buton] then return v en
  5. Mahlukat


    i dont understand im so confused would you create some example too please
  6. Mahlukat


    Thanks you for your answer When i call querydb function, its return before dbQuery's callback function and i thought maybe querydb function can wait for dbQuery's callback function because i have a another function like this; function getQueryResult(id) if not queries[id] then return false end return queries[id] end I am using exactly like this; local id = querydb("SOME DB FUNCS") local result = getQueryResult(id)
  7. Mahlukat


    Hey i have a export function for dbQuery but when i call func, data from database stay late I searched the forum and found a few solutions with coroutine but I could not :(( anyone can explain how's work coroutine and what should i do please function querydb(str) if str:find("DROP TABLE") then return end local id = getFreeID() local co = nil function verileriAktar(sorgu) coroutine.resume(co, sorgu) end co = coroutine.create(function() dbQuery(verileriAktar,connection,str) local results = coroutine.yield() local cevap = dbPoll(results,0) queries[id] = cev
  8. can you try this? addEventHandler("onClientChatMessage", getRootElement(),function(text) if text == "login: You successfully logged in" then cancelEvent() end end)
  9. can you try this? teams = {"Liberation Army", "Imperial Forces"} function getPos() local x, y ,z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local pos = tostring(x..", "..y..", "..z) outputChatBox(pos, 255, 100, 100, false) setClipboard(pos) end addCommandHandler("pos", getPos) ---- GUI Creation addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() window = guiCreateWindow(0.57, 0.25, 0.19, 0.37, "Spawn Menu", true) guiWindowSetMovable(window, false) guiWindowSetSizable(window, false) guiSetAlpha(window, 1.00) team_grid
  10. function getPlayerFromPhoneNumber(phoneNumber) local phoneNumber = tonumber(phoneNumber) for i,v in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local playerNumber = tonumber(getElementData(v,"YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER_DATA_HERE")) if playerNumber and playerNumber == phoneNumber then return v end end return false end try this
  11. Mahlukat


    carshopWindow = guiCreateWindow(0.01, 0.22, 0.39, 0.58, "CarShop", true) guiSetVisible(carshopWindow, false) guiSetAlpha(carshopWindow, 1) guiWindowSetSizable(carshopWindow, false) carGridList = guiCreateGridList(0.02, 0.06, 0.47, 0.80, true, carshopWindow) guiGridListSetSelectionMode(carGridList, 0) carColumn = guiGridListAddColumn(carGridList, "Car", 0.4) costColumn = guiGridListAddColumn(carGridList, "$", 0.4) local cars = { ["Level1"] = { ------------------TEXT TEX {481, 50000},-- BMX {509, 50000},-- bike {529, 55000},-- Willard {492, 60000},-- Gleenwood }, ["Level2"] = {
  12. Mahlukat


    try this addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function() local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) spawnPlayer(source,x,y,z) end
  13. Yea, i tried but wiki said; This event is triggered when a remote player quits the game or leaves the server. It will not get triggered on the source player's client. (Use onClientResourceStop to save client side data when the local player quits.) thanks for help but it's still not triggered :((
  14. Hey i want to save table in client-side when localPlayer disconnected --client addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStop", resourceRoot,function() triggerServerEvent("Freeroam:SureKaydet", localPlayer, sureVerileri, true) if sureVerileri[localPlayer] and isTimer(sureVerileri[localPlayer].timer) then killTimer(sureVerileri[localPlayer].timer) end end) --server addEvent("Freeroam:SureKaydet", true) addEventHandler("Freeroam:SureKaydet", root, function(sureVerileri,bosmu) outputServerLog("triggered server") -- i can't see this message in console local hesap = getPlayerAccou
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