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  1. about the lastride thing, in normal vice city you can type that in and its a cheat.... now you see the idea of a trainer, is u press a button and it types the cheat in for you... zircon... you wouldn;t be running a trainer now would you?
  2. the gang with the tag [R] is Rogue, im in Rogue and thanks for trying to help
  3. Pink-Eagle, try uninstalling VC and MTA, then delete your VC directory (incase any files remain from the uninstall) then install VC again, thus you should have a clean install of VC, and MTA should work all too sweetly. OK, now i need help. in both version 0.2 and 0.2.2 the skins of other players arn;t Synchronising (syche'd). For example, if i choose a robber, i look like a robber to others, but if they choose a robber, they look like someone else(eg, if they choose cop, they dont look like cop, the look like robber, or sailor or mex etc) . ive tried being other 'classes' (mexicans, sailors
  4. ok heads up.. the australians that do play MTA are using a no cd patch, (eg me). those people who havn't a clue where to get a no cd patch, go to http://www.megagames.com/cracks/html/c908780_0.htm i use the one at the bottom (gimpsrus nocd bloodpatch vc 1.1) and mta runs fine for me. to all the moderators that havn't got the message clear yet, the aus fix patch you released, does not work. so for now, the only solution i can think of for this is use the no cd crack.
  5. [R].Blade

    [R] vs. VcXs

    yes, but i think he means proof of what your score was, before you timed out or at least thats the way i see it
  6. [R].Blade

    [R] Rogue Clan

    i think it was mainly just to inform people of our existence..
  7. these childish acts in which you speak of generally are carried out by the [PIG] clan, but not all of them, most pig's are great gamers and i have no worries playing them, itz the one or two that have to carry on with the name calling and what not, that spoils the game. ie Pusher. Rogue has never flamed [PIG] directly, we generally mirror their flames. in english, im basically trying to say, if they disrespect our clan, we'll disrespect theirs. if i was to make comment about your clan Ratez, im sure you would stand up, and say stuff back right? you wouldn't jus let me walk all over your
  8. I agree with Sess, there are bits missing and words have been changed, also i'd like to ask you something pusher. How exactly was i 'spawncamping' if i was in the area behind the Ice cream factory? I always thought a 'spawn camper' was someone who killed people directly after they spawn, at such places as the robber's spawn, cop spawn etc....
  9. Yes i was also in the game, and to be honest, i shake my head in shame on pusher's behalf, on both his obsolete skills and poor leadership skills. But other then that, rogue wins, and hopefully this will resolve the issues between[R] and [PIG]. Also in a nice way, i would jus like to say that pusher does not smell like toilet duck, but just toilet . Leadership Skills The other shameful thing was, he wasn't even able to round up 5 people to fight, when he has 18 people, yet he could only get himself and 2 others....
  10. But We Love Pusher??? Hes Always There To Break The Rules And Make An Complete Toilet Duck Of Himself...
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