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  1. Ah never mind, I've solved the problem. For some reason my gta_sa.exe was dodgy, so I had to find another for some reason online. It works fine now. Thanks for your help, I wouldn't have thought the gta_sa.exe was the problem :P.
  2. Thanks for the reply, here's the link:
  3. Hi, I've been searching and attempting to diagnose this crash for over an hour however I am not having any luck. When MTA is open, after around a minute the game will crash and the following message will pop up: MTA: San Andreas has encountered a problem Version = 1.5.3-release-11071.0.000 Time = Sat Jan 21 20:54:34 2017 Module = C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mta\netc.dll Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x0010D8F9 EAX=00000F00 EBX=00000004 ECX=FD6E091A EDX=00008580 ESI=008580C8 EDI=0419EF0C EBP=00000004 ESP=0419EEB8 EIP=080CD8F9 FLG=00010246 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B I have tried reinstalling GTA SA, MTA, installing Visual + etc. Thanks. I also used the MTDIAG and it gave me this log: