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  1. I was searching more and more info about SDK and mine problem is that my website hosting is blocking some ports, so I can't connect to server, but I asked them to open it and I hope that it resolve everything. When I was testing this code on WebServ everything was working fine
  2. Yes, you're right i hid it because not everybody must know it There is my server ip without port ofcourse. I found some info about this and it looks that my website hosting is blocking some functions like e.g. fsockopen
  3. Hi, today i was trying to do function which displays players who are online on my website using php_sdk and i have problem with connection to server. HTTP port is opened, user who i'm using to connect has admin rights and it's not working. mta_sdk version 0.4 - downloaded from wiki mta this is php file on my website: <?php include( "mta_sdk.php" ); $mtaServer = new mta( "ip", 20145, "mta_php_sdk", "password" ); $resource = $mtaServer->getResource ( "php" ); $returns[] = $resource->call ( "getPlayersOnline" ); ?> And the error: Fatal error: Uncaugh
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