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  1. by the way, the normal GTA has the same issue too also magnified at a certain part only, but the task bar disappears as normal not like MTA Any help please @Dutchman101 when the normal GTA does the same issue I told you, when I close the game it says that GTA has automatically changed compatibility settings to work normally, then I press ok and works fine after that. so I think the whole problem is just about the compatibility settings.. please @Dutchman101 I need help and I need to get into the game because I have been inactive now for like 2 weeks and I will get kicked like that from SAPD/CIT2 thank you :3
  2. Compatibility ss: MTADiag ss:
  3. Still the game doesn't work man... the same issue occurs..
  4. Okay so, about the "SetupChipset.exe" my system told me that it's already installed on my system. also downloaded the win64_153631.4414.exe from the link of number 2. I need some help at the last link you wrote, when I press download it asks me to choose the download I want between 3 stuff: VSU_4\vcredist_x64.exe / VSU_4\vcredist_x86.exe / VSU4\vcredist_arm.exe Which one should I select? Look:
  5. So now all what I have to do is just open these 4 links you gave me and download everything inside these 4 links? and if yes, where should I save them.. program files? or the main folder of MTA? if you please give me some instructions, it would be great & I would be so thankful.
  6. but I really don't know how to use the MTADiag, can you give me instructions to use please? If you don't mind.. done and copied to my clipboard, link:
  7. I've been playing MTA since very long time, and that's the first time I face such a weird problem actually.. When I launch MTA, the task-bar of the windows doesn't disappear and the icon of the game is still shown in the taskbar including everything in the taskbar like sound, bluetooth, time & date, etc.. and the game above the task-bar is limited by certain pixels although the whole wallpaper of the game is shown all over the screen but the mouse doesn't go further to the right side at a certain point, neither downside at a certain point I will explain further: As you can see in the photo below, look at end of the screen you will see the whole task-bar is still there even when the game has opened and didn't disappear as it should. As you can see in the photo below too, look at the arrow inside the game(the pointer) at that point the pointer is on now.. this is the last right side the arrow can reach and it doesn't go more right further than this: same idea here, the pointer doesn't go downside further than this in the photo: Note that: 1. I to re-install back the latest versions of MTA. 2. Grand Theft Auto works fine. 3. MTA was fine with me on my laptop before, dunno what has happened. 4. This is windows 8 (64 BIT) Extra screenshots for other stuff that may help: after I closed it:
  8. I have an error while connecting to servers it says "Error CD09" connection lost, and checked internet it's fine, also downloaded MTADiag and it says: debug.log : [0113/] read: expected 4, observed 0 [0113/] read: expected 4, observed 0