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  1. Sounds like a cool idea guys and im glad it seems to be working out i look forward to checkin it out
  2. Well its a cool concept but wouldn't there have to be a feature within the mod to make money also their should probally be stuff to use it on aswell otherwise its poitless but good idea none the less
  3. not a bad mini video their pretty cool i just suggest u work on a longer one next time but other than that good work man so pretty cool stunts their not often ppl make Car stunt videos as much as bikes so nice work
  4. that sounds good glad to hear it wont be a problem
  5. good video man nice work
  6. RMM342

    ATS - Break Out

    Fucking awesome intro there dude imcredible shit man btw damn its good to be back havent been here in over a year man
  7. totally kick ass ans VERY Original never seen anything like it b4 man the only problem i had was the map hud radar thing just get rid off that, that the onyl thing im gonna complain about other than that it was great, cant wait 4 part 2 -peace
  8. I have never seen anthing like before and im not sure if i ever want to see anything like it again???? Music was unnecessary other than that at least it was somewhat original
  9. Well TGA works now so enjoy the Video develpoed by the Blue Dragon Gang http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos/bdgmov.wmv
  10. LOL very dramatic for a shopping cart, but it looks like it will be cool
  11. That was pretty sweet man, love the faggio stunts. 9/10
  12. Pretty Nice man, u did a good job just one question how did u get the front of the bank on fire and the people on fire for that long and stuff?
  13. Lookin good keep up the good work
  14. no i think it might reuin it just keep it all vice man
  15. RMM342

    The Blue Dragon Gang

    its been a while, but we are still looking for members if any1 is interested
  16. um none left that are good sorry
  17. http://www.thegamersalliance.com/ss/Agent%20Smith.bmp here and it looks fine on the tommy model[/url]
  18. i got a really good smith skin that i found if ya need it.
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