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  1. ccw sorry for make some noise for you but here we got another trees hiding cheaters that trolls us in the gamemode i've told u above and i got the cheat files block it please. there's the link https://up.top4top.net/downloadf-648lyiue1-zip.html
  2. sorry for spamming but the files still working and we're getting bored of this cheaters its not all the trees but too many big grass which we can hide on it but it's still kind of cheating
  3. ccw Thanks for attention but we got the same problem again someone edit on trees files and hide some of it we really got a big problem there there's the files if you can block it again and thanks Link deleted i hope you see this replay and take a fast action like the last one.
  4. Hello mta staffs. first time for me to post here. i am here for report a bug in mta tactics gamemode. this gamemode is so good too many players playing it. in this gamemode (for those who don't know it) we're about 2 teams play clan war in some mta maps. this maps got (builds/streets/trees/etc..) There's The PROBLEM! someone cheater edit on the files of the trees and he hide it!!!!!! and now he can see us behind the trees during camping and he can sniper and see us and he behind the tree.. this cheat files were with two or three persons who playing tactics.. BUT now? someone sha
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