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  1. Yeah, I figured as much... Thanks for the help, guys. I'll stick to TXD modding. If anyone wants my cop TXDs, right-click-save these... http://www.nickwhite.org/Organ/IGBudy2.txd and http://www.nickwhite.org/Organ/player6.txd Cheer...
  2. So are the hitboxes different on the character models? I mean, if I make 'em all fat guys does that give me an unfair advantage?
  3. Thanks, Chief... I'll keep you posted on the models that crash and the ones that don't. Do the collision files on the models affect the game? I'll reinstall if that's the case - I like my badass modded players, but I don't want an unfair advantage (or to be unfairly disadvantaged.) Cheer...
  4. Heheheh. Well, all the models in the gta3.img have names. Some of those models are the ones that MTA uses for player characters. For example, the cop models are Player4.dff and IGBudy2.dff. Rather than spend all that time searching the img file for the ones I wanna mod, I figured I'd just ask one of the MTA developers for a list. Dig?
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I've been swapping my DFFs around after getting sick of the same old virtual faces in MTA. What I need to know is... Can one of you guys give me the names of all the models used for the Vice Characters? I know some of them from screwing around with ViceTXD, but I figured it'd be easier just to ask, y'know? Can any of the MTA designers out there help me? Thanks...
  6. Goddamn bandwidth. Damn. True, that. Thanks fer the info, chief. Stunt mode rocks super-hard, by the way. Keepitup. *edit* Dude, I'm just trying to share my love for *LINK DELETED* with the world! Won't happen again. EDIT by me (the moderator): Do NOT post that picture ever again.
  7. Fair enough. Might as well wait for Rockstar to do it, I guess. Heh. I figured it had been - I'm just too lazy to search the forums properly. Thanks...
  8. IS it, tho? Are peds as complex as players, or do they have less info? Peds just walk and die, I figured. Is Iggy right, or can one of the actual MTA programmer guys explain? Is it actually a possibility in future versions? And don't bother answering this, Ig - I posted this for the coders, not the testers... I wants the peds so baad!
  9. [PiG] Pusher


    This was answered elsewhere in the forums, but it wasn't as specific an answer as I'd hoped. Why no peds? Is it too hard to devise a way of generating peds around the players without overloading the server? Sorry if this is a redundant quesizztion...
  10. THE SECRET CASE FILES OF OFFICER DICK PUSHER #14 : 'THE CASE OF THE CRYPTIC COMMUNICATION' LAST TIME : Hero cop Dick Pusher,the World's Greatest MTA Detective, received a mysterious visit from a shabby, twitching sifter. The sifter, who gave our Hero no identification other than a hotmail account, claimed that the Yetika clan were developing a Secret Trainer System that would enable them to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. He provided a strange 'Chat Transcript' that he claimed was proof of The Yetika Clan's nefarious evildoing. Intrigued, Lieutenant Pusher decided to investigate. And now... PART TWO :
  11. THE SECRET CASE FILES OF OFFICER DICK PUSHER #14 : 'THE CASE OF THE CRYPTIC COMMUNICATION' PART ONE : 'THE TROUBLESOME TRANSCRIPT' It had just hit four o'clock on a quiet Thursday afternoon, and I was bored. Boredom is an unfortunate, but necessary part of modern Law Enforcement, but I'm a professional. I can handle it. And I was handling it well. My name's Pusher. Lieutenant Dick Pusher, of the Perpetrator Incapacitation Group. You might have heard of me - 'The One-Fisted Crimefighter.' 'The Shotgun-Wielding Scourge of The Criminal Element.' 'Asshole.' My friends call me 'Asshole' - that i
  13. I'm sure you're all hanging out to hear MY match report, seeing as I'm the only one round here who is completely impartial. It is as follows. PiG vs ROGUE : An MTA Match Report by Pusher. 3 Round Match : (2 rounds played.) 5 vs 5 Match : [PiG] (3 Members) [R] 4 Members [VCP] 1 Member Duration : 25 minutes. Final Result : Rogue 2 : PiG 0 We started out around 10PM New Zealand time. I was just about late myself, because it was raining in New Zealand and I had to skate home from Ponch's house in a downpour. Ponch lives around the corner from my dealer. I'd stopped in on the way home to see
  14. [PiG] Pusher

    [R] vs [PiG]

    Hey, Xerox - it's nice of you to want to help and everything, but this is the last match we're gonna organise thru your dumbass forums, and the only match we'll ever play with Rogue. I'd organised a referee before you came in here uninvited. Thanks anyway, but I see no need for IRC. And Sess - YOU'RE the only person I've ever called a virgin. And there ain't nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade...
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