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  1. sounds like an idea i had for samp that i made, whore retaliation. PIMP VS HOES pims ahve baseball bats and canes, vs dildo girls!
  2. looks good . someone should make like a rock mountain/cave map :D!
  3. tbh i didnt ban anyone, i just played under reluix/your name....but yeh still, wasnt good , im thinking sa-mp isnt looking as good as mtasa, im sick of pawn (scripting) Its a deep throbbing pain in the anus to make maps for sa-mp!! I dont even know if ill play in GE...A DruG server will be up for it i think, so = better ping, but u never know, i might pop in. Thnx for map comment hehe.
  4. ^welder, not yet hehe, havent finished them, *also doeant want ppl to steal* . so not for a while, how u doin anyways.
  5. ^ totally orgasmic gabi! u better remember me lol
  6. I made another 1 Its 2 teams, 1 team can be like amazon peoples that live in treehuts in the forest. The other team lives in the bright lit city. There are secrets in each base to get good guns etc. There is a long road connecting the two bases, so it feels like a team game ! There are barrels everywhere, rocketlaunchers and sniper rifles are good in this ! All buildings can be jumped onto for multi layer battles! It should be mega fun! I only spent 6 ish hours on this map and 4 on the other...so its not as good as it could be lol. EDIT: I have some questions, How do we set the t
  7. well here is my map, I call it Pirate Invasion! This map suits both night and day, depending on what type of game wanted ! Its where pirates from their ships come to land trying to invade the indians in the forest and farmers on the other side of the forest! so yeh, has alot of ships, secret areas, trees, and stuff!
  8. ramrod


    there should also be a gang that starts in the bank
  9. ramrod


    I think there should be a hooker gang and a golf gang
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