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  1. "with the if u land in water area, can it be set that its in a certain area only, like a special area, not the WHOLE ocean for example." i meant like for sharks death, can there be like patches of areas that you will die in if u fall into water.
  2. i think adding a admin panel, like pressing Y or something. and u can click on a user and kick/ban/mod/give etc
  3. im curious, will the map editor be like a DM mode maker too? like will it let you at least make a simple deathmatch, with pickup placement (+ammo) and win conditions and spawn points and skin chooser? like will it all be available thru the map editor so that people who cant script like me can still make dm maps? so im talking about -pickup placement (gun, health, ammo etc) -team creator / skin chooser -checkpoint creator (capture the hill + movement of that hill) -objective creator (capture the flag, dm, tdm, assault etc) -spawn weapon chooser - object mover (set direction, distance,
  4. what are you intending to do on ur knee's . give them something back in return for the mod!
  5. Well it seems there are still retards out there that enjoy hacking to compensate for the size of their small penis. :( so sad but GREAT MOD ! an example. minigun + hay level = X_X
  6. heres updates of my latest maps and some new ones, sorry about having to click the actual link... but its worth it. now dont get too wet over them, i know i did. http://i15.tinypic.com/71dmesg.jpg http://i1.tinypic.com/71bxt8j.jpg http://i18.tinypic.com/6kgmlnm.jpg http://i6.tinypic.com/73l2atw.jpg http://i12.tinypic.com/6ov06qb.jpg http://i5.tinypic.com/6k5sc9w.jpg http://i11.tinypic.com/71y6kj9.jpg http://i17.tinypic.com/6lo6ddj.jpg http://i8.tinypic.com/87jx3wh.jpg http://i1.tinypic.com/6jpjo8g.jpg http://i3.tinypic.com/6x65hts.jpg http://i12.t
  7. i thought about this mode! could be done quite well... but with actual players. someone is the zombie, (and walks like the drunk person, but faster than normal people) and he can throw body parts at people and if it hits them they are also a zombie! (the bleeding body parts, there are ID's, like bleeding head, torso, legs and arms) *they are used for combine* so... the zombie player can throw them and if it hits someone they are turned into a zombie and can do the same... AND zombies cant die... itll be like manhunt... erm.... i think thats good. ESP in SF. not sure if it is possible. but
  8. @ KILO howd u play the map without being in a car... ;o
  9. ramrod

    Object limit

    im pretty sur eu can now use more than 250 objects in DM. better core or something, but yer
  10. with the flag object id's. there were 2 types, a larger one and a smaller one, im not sure which you use, but i thought id just point it out incase you guys didnt know
  11. @ blackjack69 DUDE LOL! omg, u really are stupid. dont act like you know anything. cus u dont, also, u added me on msn? after seeing this im glad i blocked and removed you...
  12. the dev team can always raise the object limit! 325 would be a nice limit i think
  13. there are model id's for quite flags, theres 2 types, a big and small green one (and i think theres other colours.)
  14. btw. i cant edit cos for sum reason...the page is liek cut in half...i get half the text and pics... wtf. this happen to anyone else?
  15. Ok, you can change teh menu screen background for mta. (like where it sais quick connect, browse, settings etc). You can use your own one too . To do it, it needs to be 1024x768 in size and PNG! (renaming to .png is fine probably) So you replace \GTA San Andreas\MTA\datafiles\imagesets/background.png with any of your own. and it shall work! Here are my ones, you can use them etc: ladies...dont get too excited over them penis' k.
  16. what was tht u said laggy before u edited it?
  17. cmon guys post maps...i need some competition..
  18. ohhhh!! well i learnt sumthin new today ;o
  19. lol thnx ! oh brophy, im curious, are you australian ;o? cos the only people that sais stuff is 'mad' are aussies lol?!?!
  20. heres my latest.... Pirate invasion! Theres 2 teams, TEAM PIRATE CHRISTIANS TEAM INFIDEL the aim is for the christains to invade infidel island, assault their castle and take their king body! who is infront the torture chamber.Then they will take him back to the base ship and mash him in the infidel masher on board behind the church. The christians can go to the island in 3 ways. By flying, boating or using the pirate ship (which takes off every 30 seconds at super speed). At the same time the oppsoing team, TEAM INFIDELS will wait for the invading team on teh coast of the island befor
  21. wat about synching cheats from single player, liek super punches, also what about blackholes and wormholes that suck you in!!!! or 1 hit kill melee mode ;o
  22. Hey guys, im going to post my requests here for things to be added, well here tehy are. *note i know some of these have been done, jsut ignore those* - stripping, bj, hotcoffee animations to be synched! - Helicopter with magnet synched - Pertrol station pumps synched - Weapon drops - money drops - all weapons sycnhed - ability to do the animations - ability to get drunk and get dizzy screen - The functions many vehicles can do (eg forklift,tractor) - All vehicles (and trains) - Bomb shop synch - KISSING!!! - huge explosions (nuclear bomb) - able to use the crane and
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