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  1. Hey guys, In the latest official release of MTADM with the race gamemode implemented, there were problems like some objects (barrells, balls, hay etc) not being moveable or breakable, which would make like 50% of gamemodes unplayable.. the objects would just stay solid and you'd crash into them and stop, has this been fixed? i was looking back at old mta race videos and it was so awesome, remembering the hours spent playing and making maps, it had a pretty good fanbase too. This was what the problem was with the DM adaption, some things just prevented the game being as good, which is why peop
  2. yeah ur right, last i checked it was about.... in the 3300 range.
  3. ramrod

    Maplimits bug

    then its a script bug :\
  4. ramrod

    Maplimits bug

    Hey, so i was making my map boundaries / maplimits, and it works fine for 3 sides, but for some reason the 4th side just wont work.... so if my boundaries are the 501.6 wont actually work, it would end up being somewhere way out like -400 or something.... even thought its not what i had set it too, it happens alot and im not sure what the problem is, and yeah, the coords are right that i put in thanks :D:D
  5. ohh it does work! i just did it YAY! ill just have to manually redo boundaries, which is easy, ":D thanks heaps.
  6. yay big update!~ no i can try and move my maps into the boundaries! one thing, does it support pickups (weapons + health + armour) etc? does it support boundaries too ?! what doesnt it support !? havent tried the updated version yet, but will later! thanks
  7. ohh that would be it LOL, thanks heaps for the trouble , ill show you what i have done to my maps later too
  8. your a legend! thankyou hmmm, now i need to try to figure out the right offset. ahhh its not working, i click submit, an highlight it and submit, and everything, and nothing appears................... i like change it to -1000 -1000 0 and like that does nothing........ btw with the offset, does that mean i change it from the current position to (for example) 2000 places away from there, or does it make the center of the map the number i put in?
  9. Hey guys, In CTF, if you die, the flag wont respawn at all. even after like 10 minutes, it should be made so that if noone touches the flag in 35 secs, it will respawn, or make it customisable, because atm, i have a 'fall in water, you die' script, so whensomeone with a flag falls into water they die right away, leaving the flag down there, and the whole game is screwed, so i think it should have an auto respawn feature. thanks.
  10. Hey guys, as you know, if your map isnt within 2000 x 2000, then you cannot use melee weapons, and the camera goes thru objecst instead of going closer to the player, are you guys able to change that, and extend it to like 5000 or infinite, so no matter where the map is, it will work. thanks.
  11. i really hope it is fixed. ;\ but thanks for letting me know yay
  12. Hey guysm so im making my map, and anyways, i add pickups and i can see them all until they are positioned past x=4050, anythign to the left of that will be seen and work, but it seems after that, they just will not appear (but still be there, and you can pick it up, its just invisible). so im wonderign if thats able to be changed manually by you devs, like its a MTA problem? or wether u can manipulate the gtasa settings for it, cos the only other option is to find a mass map mover where ill have to move my entire map to the left a bit more so its in the pickup boundaries, but is there actu
  13. or use both race and dm cos mta:DM race sux ass with all its problems of stuff not loading and general problems and solid objects, i have both race and dm installed, i use race for racing and dm for dm only.
  14. lol yeah, easy but still too hard for me . im just good with the creative side of things and the artistic creation of maps.... you'll understand once u see them
  15. lol i would do it that way, but im wanting to release my modes to the public, 90% of them wont know howto start this map, so ill wait till theres a gamemode made. im surprised one hasnt been done considering DM is the most used mode in every single MP game..
  16. hmm, i was more wanting to be able to see the pickup, so people would go from afar to pick it up. if im not able to do it normally like a pickup, its not a huge deal
  17. Hey, i just quickly need some help. I'm looking at adding a jetpack pickup into my mode, but no matter what i do it doesnt work, i use the model ID, but it ends up not even being shown, i tried using the word 'jetpack' like you can with 'health' or 'armor'. and nothing is working. does anyone know how i am able to add a hetpack pickup to my map?
  18. YES!! it works, thanks so much
  19. thanks for the help, do appreciate it. i'm almost there so i now have this function grav ( sourcePlayer, command ) setGravity ( 0.0035 ) end addCommandHandler ( "setgravity" , grav ) and ...it still doesnt work LOL.
  20. ohhh i edited that cos thats what i thought u had t odo LOL. my bad, thanks, ill figure something out ok, so i tried to fiddle around, and it still doesnt work, where abouts do i put the gravity number i want it to be? where would i bet the 0.0035
  21. itll be for the server / everyone. but thats exactly what i have put down and doesnt work.
  22. AHHH so its not in the meta like i thought, will try tht ow thnx ahh ok, so i did that...but it doesnt work. what is the problem here function grav ( sourcePlayer, command, level ) setGravity ( 0.0035(level) ) end addCommandHandler ( "setgravity", grav )
  23. yeah that was it, i just want a dm where i can place spawns randomly, weapons are set for everyone, place cars and pickups, and each kill goes to that individual, etc.
  24. hmm ok, so when i start the map, what mode should i run it under? cdm? tdma? because there is no real DM mode created yet. ;s
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