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  1. Hey guys

    I have this weird problem with only 1 of my maps. Its a pretty huge map with a forest section and a city section. The only part that freezes is when im moving around, looking within the city. It typically happens when im in the forest section, and then move into the city when the new objects are loading; resulting in lag, and then most of the time, then freezing.

    Could this be an issue with too many objects? No objects are missing or go invisible...I deleted a few to make sure. Maybe its an item clash? Or too many of one item? Or maybe its a streaming issue as its only when the map transitions from the forest to the city (which has alot of objects, maybe too much to handle?)

    My PC is 4gb ram, win 7 x64, dual core processor, 1gb gfx nvidia gfx card...so i dont think its my specs.

    here are some pics of the city








  2. With this script, the x y z coordinates, is that the change in x y z values that we want the items so +50 along z, +1000 in y etc? Or do we input the new coordinates that we want these items to be moved to?

    if that makes sense.

  3. I thought about doing that, problem is that it ONLY does objects. i have spawns, pickups and those extras which will need to be modified also...

    mmove.exe link is also invalid :\

    So noone has created a script or program that can move EVERYTHING without the need to convert :(?

  4. Hey guys.

    Om needing help, in a couple of my maps, i have created a whole city, problem is, that the map is too close to land so it severly lags ingame when its loading everything. So im needing to move EVERYTHING in my map along the Z axis. Is there a script or program that will elt me do this?

    Thanks guys.

  5. ive reported that, anything to do with CTF is buggy, when you place flags and team spawns, you can reselect all you want

    UNTIL you save and go back, if you do that, when you click on the spawns or flags again all menu's disappear and the current view is stuck and you have to disconnected >_>

  6. One of my older but recently updated maps.

    Pirate themed, Pirate ships attacking an island, some are shipwrecked. The island contains a vast beach and rocky area, some covered but a tall cave and house. Also there is an Indian forest with teepee's and pretty lights, there is a secret entrance to this island through a water cave to the side. And past the forest is a farmers compound, with tractors, barn's, demolished buildings etc.

    Good for TDMA, CTF, CDM etc.

    Here are some pics as well as a video of coruse :D





    video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KnkptOCBPI

  7. ew, i get an error saying client "MTA client verification failed" >:\


    I already have. All logged in etc.

    download -> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... layLang=en

    download -> http://www.jhxp.net/personal/MTASA-1.0-Beta-V2.exe (it's the second mirror and the only one which worked for me)

    ps. you will get connection timeout though, cause the server is full all the time :lol:

    thanks ;). i managed to join in the end and make my character,...then it stopped... lol.

  8. Ok so here is another of my maps, one of my most recent ones.

    This one basically is more of a CDM, TDMA or even assault. Theres a small island of pirate ships and houses on one sidem and from there, that team must go through a cave into a watery area filled with other caves, eventually you make it to a big open area inside the cave and there are tree's huts and rocks everywhere around. Closeby past yet another cave is the Ranch town full of houses, waterfalls, nature etc. This is where most the action and fights will happen, its the biggest open area. Many levels, down low underwater, up a bit onto a foresty cabin area, up higher to the ranch town, then higher onto the buildings, then higher up again onto the dam wall surrounding the entire area.

    Here are some photos and a youtube video yet again.




    youtube video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIuAbHfGkM0

  9. awesome! hehehe

    when was it you explored it?! mustve been aggges back, ive changed it SO much now ;o. i need help scriptign that bloody ship though xD.

    but im glad you liked it :)

  10. This map was the other map that took me probably 250 hours to complete. It is pretty huge. Spans from a big boat + airport base . to an island, which includes a forest, cave, castle and a chinese garden. Suited for Assault type maps, but anything will be good.

    Basically there is a big boat base with an onwater airport + boat carrier, the team then drives North to the island and beaches. goes all up the forest until they are at a building, They then go down a big cave, for a while all down underground until they make it to a really dark large space with fire rocks, a big bright castle and a chinese garden, which is where the other base is located.




    Heres a youtube video.


  11. Ok, here is a map i have spent probably about 200 hours on making, at least. Ive put alot of detail and effort into it.

    Basically its a Women Vs Men, amazon Vs city map.

    One side is a forest with tree's and huts in the tree's, with a base. The other side contains a huge city, multi levels and places you can go in.

    There is a big escalator connecting both the places the whole way through, which you can see in the video. you dont have to go along it, but its rather cool and keeps you safe as its harder to shoot you on it since people below you will have to have good aim. there is a cave connecting both bases/areas with another cave within in, also containing a hut.

    I have uploaded a video for you all, its 9 minutes, but it shows you most of what the map contains, not all, but it is big, i suggest watching it all.... but if you cant, start at 7min. cos thats when its nighttime and most pretty. And here are a few screens.



    youtube video here.


    I have 9 more other maps which ill show here in time :D

    love it or die :D!

  12. Hey guys, i just tried the map editor, its looking pretty awesome! I opened my old map and it auto converted it, so thats good, but the world bounds/spawn points/flags/team info/camera positon/team skins etc are no longer present.

    Does all of that now go in the lua now?

    Just checking cus i want to convert my maps and get them all ready for release :D

    thanks guys.

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