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  1. I think the MTA team is doing a great job and deserve a donation. How do I make this happen? Maybe it is possible but not obvious? Thanks!
  2. Racer__S

    GTA VC Windowed?

    Yes you can run vice city windowed.... or *almost* any game for that matter. Just get 3D Analyzer from http://www.tommti-systems.de/ And put a check where it says force windowed mode. But as Mr Bump said, it will not work with MTA because MTA must create the process itself.
  3. http://toca.game-editing.net/dl?f=vccamhack2.6.zip http://toca.game-editing.net
  4. you prolly mean "Standard" (PC Default) and "Classic" PS2 like
  5. ok... nevermind... sorry if i seemed aggressive mta is cool anyway... i can imagine other difficulties that had to be 'bodged' around
  6. When i was playing on my LAN, i noticed the player roations are wrong sometimes.... MTA should do some more research on the rotation Matrices Or migrate to DirectX dammit
  7. was just updated and now works with MTA:VC 0.3 r2 speedometer works too http://toca.game-ediitng.net
  8. i have no current plans to make one for gta3, just because there are limits to that games engine. on the other hand, another new version is being worked on for gtavc
  9. I happy you like it... makes me want to make it even better (as if thats possible!!) Im just going to post a common question here cuz some *cough* foreigners had problems If you have the ON-FOOT enabled... once you are in game and ready to walk, press * and you should instantly be in new first person view. If you are wondering how to get to the new IN-CAR views... first you must enable the hack by pressing * then once you are in a car simply Cycle through all the views and you should eventually see the new camera views. If nothing is happening and you are SURE its enabled then i suggest
  10. The tool was updated with support for Vice City v1.1 and i added a new option for on-foot Have Fun http://toca.game-editing.net
  11. - Whats new in Beta 4 on 10/15/03? * Faster code, no more jittering (pure ASM) * Added 7 new car views on top of original views (total of 12 views) * Added base camera option * Automatically turns off when stunt camera change occours * Added speed multiplier for on-foot (only when trying to hide head) * Added new program icon * Improved Readme Here is the list of views available and number associated (original views go backward while switching) * = original 0 = Bumper Cam* - NON-ADJUSTABLE 1 = Closest External* - Zoom is adjustable 2 = Middle External* - Zoom is adjustable
  12. A newer Version is now available here: http://toca.game-editing.net this version was also tested with MTA
  13. there is a new version coming soon... ill reply to this thread when its ready.... gonna be so l33t
  14. I made a small trainer for Vice that gives you a first-person view (quake, half-life) and i tested it with MTA and it seems to works without any problems... Its not really a cheat or anything, just different views... cant say it gives you more frags. http://toca.game-editing.net
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