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  1. Hola,after years of experience on the world of scripting , i've the chance to create this script. Being tired to get your models(dff,txd,col) stolen after weeks or months that takes to the modlers to create them??? Using ASCII characters which length is 128 {accepts the special caracters like @#./`\[| } and the key used to secure your models length is 16 which is stored on server side , the players of the server cannot get that key because they are clients and clients cannot get serverside files . With probabilities we get 128^16 = 5,192,296,858,534,827,628,530,496,329,220,09
  2. p.s If you play MTA on a vertical screen, then we developers do not like you at all, sorry. U killed me xDD Question: -Why the scale works only with Y local scaleValueY = screenY / devScreenY local scaleValueX = screenX / devScreenX Why not like this??? and what About this scale trick?? local sx_, sy_ = guiGetScreenSize() local sx, sy = sx_/1440, sy_/900 dxDrawText("$123456789", 140*sx, 648*sy, 0*sx, 0*sy, tocolor(0,0,0,255), 0.8*sy,"bankgothic")
  3. Search for RPG servers i suggest you #1 SAES:RPG #2CIT2
  4. send Us a picture about the error
  5. Need a scripter to debug or create your scripts ? A scripter since 2017 , created many projects like RPG/RACE/DM and more. Doing a clean job with a cheap price with minimum time for making them. Feel free to PM me if you are interested and if you want to see my previous scripts DISCORD: Ridden#2028
  6. DISCORD : Ridden#2028 i can't invite u
  7. MTAFORZA , has uniquely developed unique ideas into the world of Multi Theft Auto .Forza team works from a long time for giving a unique gameplay of race .Now we recruiting scripters/modlers/Mappers any talent may interest us Pm mE and sure you will be PAID Discord : Ridden#2028
  8. go to cit website or discord , the right place isn't here
  9. I want a custom bar downloading bro
  10. hi i want to use custom downloader when somone joins my server .
  11. DiGiTal

    MTA Offline Wiki

  12. Hi today i want to sell my login panel created with html css JS 'web development' it's kinda a MODERN website. if you are interested contact me here or on discord: Ridden#2028
  13. مرحبًا ، أود أن أقدم لك سكريبت معقدًا. للحصول على بطاقة السياقة، سيتعين عليك اجتياز خطوتين. 1- {الأسئلة التي يجب على اللاعب الإجابة عنها ، قابلة للتغيير ، يمكنك حتى إضافة أسئلة} 2- الممارسة {سيتعين عليك احترام ألوان اللوحة ، إذا مررت باللون الأخضر ، وإذا مررت باللون الأحمر ومرت ، فستفقد تلقائيًا بالإضافة إلى عدم الحاجة إلى تكرار الأسئلة طالما قمت بذلك بالفعل} للصور Discord: Ridden#2028
  14. Bonjour, je voudrai vous presenter mon script complexe ( c'est bad du gateeau pour l'avoir) .Pour avoir ton permi tu devra passé DEUX etapes. 1- La THEORY -questions-Quiz- {des question que le joueur devra répondre, changable, tu peux meme ajouter des questio} 2- La PRATIQUE { tu devras respecter les couleur du panneau, si vert tu passe , si rouge et t'a passé tu vas etre automatiquement discalifié en plus pas besoin de refaire la theory tant que tu l'a deja faites } Pour les PHOTOS: Discord: Ridden#2028
  15. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=1603
  16. INTRODUCTION: Hey,This day i decided to make my licence script for sale,i've started from December 2019, working slowly no hurry :) .The licence script is like real life, for having a vehicle licence (driving vehicles) you have to pass 2 exams which are THEORY and PRACTICAL exams . LOSING at practical exam, will not lead you to do the theory exam again as you passed it already. 1-You can't access to any vehicle untill you get the vehicle licence { by default 250$ for theory exam, 500$ for practical exam } 2-You can make how much you want of markers where the theo
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