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  1. UPDATE: price reduced by-30% Be FaSt limited reduction
  2. Hola, après des années d’expérience sur le monde du script, j’ai la chance de créer ce script. Être fatigué de voir vos modèles (dff, txd,col) volé après des semaines ou des mois qui prend aux modlers pour les créer??? En utilisant des caractères ASCII dont la longueur est de 128 {accepte les caracteurs spéciaux comme @#./'[| } et la clé utilisée pour sécuriser la longueur de vos modèles est de 16 qui est stockée du côté serveur, les joueurs du serveur ne peuvent pas obtenir cette clé parce qu’ils sont des clients et les clients ne peuvent pas obtenir des fichiers serverside .
  3. بعد سنوات من الخبرة في عالم البرمجة النصية، لقد فرصة لإنشاء هذا السيناريو. مع الاحتمالات نحصل على 128 ^ 16 = 5,192,296,858,534,827,628,530,496,329,220,096 . هذا العدد الكبير هو كم من يحاول يجب أن يكون القراصنة للحصول على المفتاح الصحيح ، لا ننسى أنه من السهل جدا لتغيير المفتاح إذا كان لديك شيء شك. [+] السكريبت يقوم بتحميلها على لاعب ينضم إلى السرفر مع سكريبتات مشفرة و لا يمكن سرقتها . دعونا اختباره كم من الوقت يستغرق للقضاء على هذا الحدث كلمة المرور باستخدام الكمبيوتر من 2020 ASCII caracters are: Images: CONTACT: Ridden#2028 من فضلك
  4. Hola,after years of experience on the world of scripting , i've the chance to create this script. Being tired to get your models(dff,txd,col) stolen after weeks or months that takes to the modlers to create them??? Using ASCII characters which length is 128 {accepts the special caracters like @#./`\[| } and the key used to secure your models length is 16 which is stored on server side , the players of the server cannot get that key because they are clients and clients cannot get serverside files . With probabilities we get 128^16 = 5,192,296,858,534,827,628,530,496,329,220,09
  5. p.s If you play MTA on a vertical screen, then we developers do not like you at all, sorry. U killed me xDD Question: -Why the scale works only with Y local scaleValueY = screenY / devScreenY local scaleValueX = screenX / devScreenX Why not like this??? and what About this scale trick?? local sx_, sy_ = guiGetScreenSize() local sx, sy = sx_/1440, sy_/900 dxDrawText("$123456789", 140*sx, 648*sy, 0*sx, 0*sy, tocolor(0,0,0,255), 0.8*sy,"bankgothic")
  6. Search for RPG servers i suggest you #1 SAES:RPG #2CIT2
  7. send Us a picture about the error
  8. Need a scripter to debug or create your scripts ? A scripter since 2017 , created many projects like RPG/RACE/DM and more. Doing a clean job with a cheap price with minimum time for making them. Feel free to PM me if you are interested and if you want to see my previous scripts DISCORD: Ridden#2028
  9. DISCORD : Ridden#2028 i can't invite u
  10. MTAFORZA , has uniquely developed unique ideas into the world of Multi Theft Auto .Forza team works from a long time for giving a unique gameplay of race .Now we recruiting scripters/modlers/Mappers any talent may interest us Pm mE and sure you will be PAID Discord : Ridden#2028
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