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    For me this company is the should try their services
  2. No fuego a bot amigo

    chase mode is following ?? and what about following mode ?
  3. Help me

    I think he mean skin mod how to install it
  4. No fuego a bot amigo

    Me too i dont get the diffetence between chasing and hunting
  5. Help

    I think you have to draw only a rectangle and it you will put a label For ex. Getnumnotify It will return the count of notify
  6. [TUT] Debugging

    Why its limited to use the outputdebugstring ? Or i didnt understood
  7. [Help]vehicle enter !

    Use the create vehicule on server side and call it
  8. Editor help

    delete and download again mtasa . i think you done /unbindall or just go to settings and go to binds tab then reset defaults @Salem
  9. ابي حل تكفون بأسرع وقت

    كيفاش نساعدك. عين الكلينت ولا السرفر وين عندك.الشك
  10. ابي حل تكفون بأسرع وقت

    المود يمكن نشوف @omaralwadie
  11. HI, i'm a scripter and Designer .I'm working for a project from a long time and soon it will be published . it's a MULTI game mode server ( RPG,RACE,FUN,DD,DM AND MORE) with modern functions for that i need a partner who can help me (need a ACTIVE partner , SERUIS, LOYAL ) contact me at: skype:ogg4r_fr discord: DigiTaL#4392 PM (if you don't have discord and skype) PS: -Don't hesite to say your experience -if i'm interested by your skills you can a" % "in the project .
  12. I want RPG pack

    @sebaxx its leaked scripts. you should learn scripting.Draw your way to the goal.
  13. مساعدة

    <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator" /> <acl name="SuperModerator" /> <acl name="Admin" /> <acl name="RPC" /> <object name="resource.admin" /> <object name="resource.webadmin" /> <object name="user.Ransom" /> <object name="resource.ScriptName" /> -------- مع هده يمكن الكيك و البان </group> انتقل إلى "اسل" ثم إضافة البرنامج النصي إلى الادمين @*RayaN-Alharbi.
  14. مساعدة

    أعطيت الحق admin?
  15. Hello, I'm simple scripter lua mtasa and designer .Enjoy my first tutorial (any question reply it or suggestion, i'll do a list of tutorials ) Variables(type): *Global variables: means the variable will be avaible on hole of the script for example: Code: function test() name = 123 jake = "me" end function test() name = 123 jake = "me" end function test1() print(name)--- returns 123 print(jake)------returns me end the ----- it's a advert can't cause anything to the code print it's for to output a string or else. or (because as global variable it can be in the function or out.) Code: name = 123 jake = "me" functio test() ------your code end *Local variables: it will be avaible only on your function attached to. Code: function test() local name = 123 local jake = "me" end and if i do function test() local name = 123 local jake = "me" end function testt() print(jake) ----- return nil end If you saw Code: jake = "me" "me" called a string . *Key words and break do else elseif end false for if in local nil not repeat then return true or until while function *Function : The function is the way that describe your goal by a CODE . it likes Code: function NameOfYourFunction(arguments) -----YOUR CODE end The function end with "end" if you forgot it , your code wrong. *nil : it means nothing *boolean: it return true or false value *if : Is for to state "if" it ends with "end" as for function for ex: local var1=1 local var2=2 function name() if (var1+var2) == 3 then -----do somthing else -----do something else end end means if 2+1 = 3 then insert your code BUT if 2+1 ~= 3 then insert your code (xd) ~= means not equal == equal *operators: it's what your learned at school : (+,-,/,*,^) (I'll update it soon)