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  1. I don't understand very well. it syn between others servers or it secure who done " ban evasion
  2. Why you didnt give importance to grid list (table view) no function popular like get row item ..etc
  3. After Long time of inactivity, we decided to go back into our community with many features . -TPF transformed from the beta Version to version 1.0 with New Name 'Cloudy Code' -Many lessons added special for MTASA:Lua -Many discord emojies(fun) -Discord Organised very well and simplified for our students. Discord : 'Learning it's a right ,why we don't help each others.'
  4. editing the freeroam , for the access , check on wiki there is already usefull function gets if the players is an admin ----------------------------------------------------------- addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() if access then --- access accepted or not ( IF HE IS ADMIN OR NOT ) i think you have to use triggering serverSideEvent fadeCamera(true) getPlayers() setJetpackMaxHeight ( 9001 ) triggerServerEvent('onLoadedAtClient', resourceRoot) createWindow(wndMain) hideAllWindows() bindKey('f1', 'down', toggleFRWindow) guiCheckBoxSetSelected(getControl(wndMain, 'jetpack'), doesPedHaveJetPack(localPlayer)) guiCheckBoxSetSelected(getControl(wndMain, 'falloff'), canPedBeKnockedOffBike(localPlayer)) end end )
  5. @VaporZ " I've declarated to ACL.XML file, that only me and my friend are administrators, so to other player, it shouldn't" Yea right you are just guessing. Because adding yourself or anyone from acl doesn't mean anything , till you mentione on your script that ONLY Admin Group can access to it.So you have to script for that !
  6. local myMarker = createMarker(1675.8000488281, -1004.5, 23.10000038147, 'cylinder', 1, 191, 148, 0, 255) -- create myMarker function MarkerHit(hitElement, matchingDimension) local elementType = getElementType(hitElement) if elementType == "player" then outputChatBox("ASdasdasdasdasdasdasdasd",hitElement) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", root, MarkerHit) @hackermagus
  7. DiGiTal

    Speed Player

    that's why i dont understand why we must specify a % for the animation ! ! so just need to speed it
  8. DiGiTal

    Speed Player

    Why mention the progress of the animation , i think it's useless. i don't understand your idea
  9. DiGiTal

    Speed Player

    addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, function ( ) setPedAnimationProgress ( localPlayer,"run_player",1) setPedAnimationSpeed (localPlayer,"run_player",1) end ) like bugging animation but keep moving ,nothing more speed added
  10. DiGiTal

    Speed Player

    animationProgress just my player no animation but like freezing but keep moving slowly
  11. DiGiTal

    Speed Player

    addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, function ( ) setPedAnimationSpeed (localPlayer,"run_player",0.5) setPedAnimationSpeed (localPlayer,"SPRINT_civi",0.5) end ) @IIYAMA i used this works fine , but it slows the player. and the limit of the animspeed is 1 (1== default) tried doesn't work at all addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, function ( ) setPedAnimationSpeed (localPlayer,"run_player",1) setPedAnimationSpeed (localPlayer,"SPRINT_civi",1) setPedAnimationProgress ( localPlayer "run_player",1) setPedAnimationProgress ( localPlayer "SPRINT_civi",1) end )
  12. DiGiTal

    Speed Player

    @IIYAMA nothing happens addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement( ), function ( ) setPedAnimationSpeed (localPlayer,"sprint_civi",0.001) end )
  13. DiGiTal

    Speed Player

    Hi, i want to make my player running fast but it didn't once jump it going from the air like a arrow function updateCamera () local xs, ys, zs = getElementVelocity(localPlayer) setElementVelocity(localPlayer, xs*2, ys*2, zs*2) end addEventHandler ( "onClientPreRender", root, updateCamera )