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  1. laks

    Unban Request

    That’s true.. anyway could you let me a chance to get unbanned ?
  2. laks

    Unban Request

    Hello, Im sorry to post it here and disturb you, I don't really know if it's the right way to post it here. So I got banned for reason " TRAINER " for 6 days, It's the first time I get banned, and I will explain me, today when i started to play MTA I went to a server and directly got kicked for reason " trainer " , i did not understand what is was goin on, because for real, im 100% clear, im a fair playear, and I hate modders etc.. then I was wondering about why im getting kicked, so i continued to try to connect to the srv and still getting kicked, i restarted my pc and same, then i tried to uninstall sme things, because it's impossible that i download cheat, as i said im clear, then i got mad and continued to connect server, and boum, " You are banned by MTA, Reason: Trainer ", then i thought about mb my pc has a virus or smth like that and i scanned my pc and it cleaned too much things, so yes, im sorry about this, really i didn't mean to use " cheats ", i try harded to resolve the problem, I think this ban is a mistake, so im asking for my unban please, i won't do this error more time, next time i directly scan my pc or ask a moderator. My serial: F6984D6AFE7B278562F60568F4134033 Thanks you for reading and sorry for bother y'all
  3. Là, actuellement je connais un Turk jouant sur du Destruction Derby pouvant changer l'handling de son véhicules ou bien rouler sur l'eau aha, il a réussi a bypass mais personne sait comment. Il ne partage pas, c'est un malpour un bienl!
  4. Hey salut les français, C'est cool de voir quelque français sur MTA, nous sommes très rares ! En fait si je fais ce poste c'est pour vous dire à quelle point j'suis choqué de la sécurité de MTA lol, serieux, ils ont un de ces Anti Cheat, enfin bref, j'suis là depuis 2012, j'ai seulement vu 2 personnes réussir à bypass la sécurité et cheat sur ce jeux, c'est ouf de ce dire que même de grand jeu comme GTA V est moins sécurisé que MTA mdr, enfin après c'est sur que le nombre de joueurs sur MTA comparait à GTA V quoi... voilà enfin bref j'sais pas si j'ai le droit de faire ce genre de poste mais je voulais dire ce à quoi je pensais! bisous
  5. I have regenerate the solution
  6. mh, still same, core_d.dll is located here
  7. it doesn't exist, okay im goin to turn off it and try again
  8. Hey, that's what i did but i still have the same error message
  9. and when i solved the problem with loader_d.dll i have this error
  10. OMG, i did everythings, i even watched video from youtube I still have this :Oing error can someone just tell me what's wrong? I installed Visual Studio 2017, I have Microsoft DirectX etc.. i followed all steps but still this :~ error
  11. i want to improve myself Finally i just had a problem to compile MTASA Now when i want to launch the executable i have this error
  12. Okay but now, i don't have Multi Theft Auto.exe
  13. What do i have to change please ?
  14. laks

    Problems with FPS

    yeah! i was thinking about that, can i turn off nos volume? or i need to turn off every volumes?