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  1. MTA for iMac

    Bootcamp is the option I used when wanting to play Multi Theft Auto on my macbook, it isn't hard to setup either as long as you know how to run a windows installation.
  2. [Roleplay] Legacy Roleplay [English]

    @Blast3r never mentioned anything about copyright lol, he just said it's not original using old scripts that just edited. Either way good luck.
  3. Shoutout to the real G almighty... Other that, good luck.
  4. Not to bad talk but this server has gone through number of owner changes, database whips and the owner is assosiated with DDOSing people. The server was sick when Ultra and Vodaus owned it but now.. Good luck anyway.
  5. Need help with script

    That is true mate
  6. Need help with script

    Only other thing I can assume is hes not defined the element 'vehicles'
  7. Need help with script

    My bad hmm
  8. Need help with script

    From what I can see is you've defined what destroyElement is doing. Example: The way you've wrote it: setTimer ( destroyElement, 100, 1, vehicle ) The way I would write it: setTimer ( destroyElement(ElementName), 100, 1, vehicle ) Now I might be wrong but if you put inside the brackets the element you're trying to destroy it will probably fix it.
  9. MySQL Help - List all things from DB

    Good good, glad I could help.
  10. MySQL Help - List all things from DB

    Np, just remember though like the other guy says, use native functions. Using the module is complete ass. it doesn't take you two seconds to write an MYSQL resource function connection() return dbConnect(*MAKE YOUR OWN VERIBLES*) end Added: function has to be exported to work.
  11. MySQL Help - List all things from DB

    Change the query string. DELETE FROM stats WHERE some_column=some_value;
  12. Preview of my Login Screen

    Cheers man
  13. Preview of my Login Screen

    Title says it all, want opinions etc. Login screen uses ACL to save. Video: