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  1. WTF? If you die in a race, you wait untill the next race. That's how it is, that's how it should be. This isn't RPG, this is stunt racing. If you don't like it, don't join a 32 player server.
  2. I figured that was where the issue would be. Well, ASAP I will purchase a cable/dsl router and no more problems. But for the moment, if I can't do it the way it is, I'll switch the pc s around. You see I have my main pc connected to the modem, a pos machine connected to the hub, i was not very interested in having my internet connection dependent on this pos pc (AMD K-6 200mhz/224MB ram Just built with scrap parts lying around for MTA server and Folding@Home). But ill set it up and see if it can hold up, but I dont know. ASUS TXP4 mobo. What do you think, can it handle it? Maybe put some
  3. Ok, forget about the fact that Win98 is on any machine. Start from here. I have a home network and am sharing internet access using ICS. PC1 is directly connect to the internet and also connected to a switch (2NIC Cards). PC2 is connected to the switch which recieves internet connection through PC1. The MTA server running on PC2 cant be connected to from people outside my home network, but I have full functionality within the network. The server also does not list in ASE. If i run a MTA server on PC1, ASE sees the server properly. "Seperate Question" If windows 98 is not running a fir
  4. Sorry to bump but I dont think you guys understood my problem.
  5. No No No, you both misunderstood. MTA client is on xp, mta server is on 98se. mta server works just fine on win98se. I can connect to the server on the win98 pc with the mta client on the xp pc just fine. sorry, by client in my other post i meant "localhost" on my network. Take my word for it, im not a complete noob. edit: I see how my words may mix you up. I'll edit !st post for clearity. edit2:1st post edited.
  6. the client yes, but the server runs just fine on win 98. MTA client doesnt run on linux either, but the linux server does. another question. if a pc is running no firewall, does that mean that all its ports are open?
  7. OK, I have a problem and I hope someone can help. And, I know my problem would be solved if I just buy a router, but at the moment I am looking for a quick fix solution. I am trying to run a MTA server from a computer on my home network using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). Host is WinXP (Directly connected to internet) LocalHost is Win98SE (Connected to/gets internet connection from Host) The network IS running properly. MTA 0.5 server IS running properly on LocalHost (Win98SE), I CAN connect to AND play on the server from Host (WinXP). MTA 0.5 Clients OUTSIDE the home network cannot
  8. I have this radart bug aswell, however it only applies to players that are playing in the server BEFORE I get there! Whenever a NEW player enters the game I can see them and their yellow marker just fine. Edit: 1. WinXP Pro 2. No 3. C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City 4. C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\MTA AND C:\Program Files\MTA 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. 1.0 8. Every Time 9. Yes \ Yes
  9. i dont mean to be out of order, but if nothing helps why not try the client that bypasses crc check? i know i saw it somewhere. of course, dont mod anything, but might this help?
  10. I purchased VC when it came out for pc. Now they give you a coupon to beta test next GTA when ready? Danm. I want to beta test!
  11. I only tested the stunt servers but it was much better. I still crashed after 3 deaths, however, i was able to play for about 20min before i died twice. (both accidental) works better than 0.2 did for me!
  12. When the error occurs, I can Alt+Tab but it doesn't actually respond for a long time. As a result, I cant check the client until it returns to desktop. Ctrl+Alt+Del doesnt respond until I return to desktop also.
  13. If by "Trainer" you mean the restarter program, yes. When not using it Windows takes a long time to return to desktop after execption error. * I am using no cheats or Cheat Trainers of any kind.
  14. Yes. It happens every time for me (5/5). When the game crashes with exception error the restarter restarts everything nice and quick. However when the game starts back up I must disable the restarter, end the game then start another game using Start Game button in the client, then restart the restarter. The issue with the map seems to be random (2/5). And the issue with the chat happens every time (I can see chatting going on, but when I try to type i gets deleted right away). I also noticed that the Start game button in the client clicks about 4 times a second when using the restarter. Sp
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