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  1. I can, a screenshot that I sent and have with the map on a x64 server
  2. 64 bit version is allocate when you run 22GB of RAM
  3. On mta-server64 it works, on a 32-bit server it does not.
  4. Posted in pm about linux server
  5. Hello! Sorry for my bad English, I use Google translator. It does not work on Linux servers, in some cases (CentOS) crashes: WARNING: ObjS/Server/Streamer_S.lua:77: Bad argument @ 'createObject' [Expected number, got NaN] On Linux VDS server does not start if the resources in the folder with the resources https://github.com/CodyJL/JStreamer https://github.com/CodyJL/JGrand-Carmageddon This is all checked on test servers, I can provide access for checks On Windows VDS-KVM there are no errors and everything works
  6. 299 guiSetText(statsLabel["blood"],"Кровь: "..tostring(value or "rusty vagina")) Блин, конечно шутки шуточками, что писать вместо rusty vagina ??
  7. Спасибо за ответ, вот код (299): Код функции со строками 564 и 679: Строки отмечены.
  8. Привет всем! Не наносится урон игрокам, выводит ошибки: Кто может это исправить и хочет помочь, а так же подзаработать - пишите. Я уже почти руки наложил на сервер.. 2 месяца уже настраиваю мод и сервер в целом. Спасибо за внимание!
  9. The problem was on the side of our hosting, which provides a automatic fast download to clients. Our servers are located in the Linux operating system, can occur a problem if the resource name or a folder with him there upper register?
  10. Thank you for answering! What is the result, and where we expect? The fact that the client changed his equipment and decided not to look for the problem, and I will be good to know.
  11. Ip Video: https://yadi.sk/i/Cpm23KpO3EHgxG
  12. Hi all, there was a problem with the download additional content. I use different <httpdownloadurl> as well as without them, still at half load all resources brakes and throws a server error. My channel - 100mbps The channel of the server is also 100 mbps If you want to - throw off the server IP.
  13. Thank you man! I corrected events by comparing and accidentally threw the extra code in Lua file.
  14. Hi all! I'm dont speak English, I use google translate ERROR: [DayZ-MTA]/DayZ/survivorSystem.lua:374: attempt to index global 'elementWeaponRaplace' (a nil value) Function: Line warning if elementWeaponRaplace[source] then Help remove this warning please!
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