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  1. Bloodymess13

    New to stunting

    I would suggest checking out the "classics" section on TGA, all the best videos are there. It is hard to say what exactly is THE best video. every video in the classics section is a VERY good video http://www.thegamersalliance.com/?do=classics
  2. we used Fraps to record and Samurai_Ohk used Sony Vegas and Virtual Dub for all the post recording stuff.
  3. nice work guys, very nice vid. ATS always shows that they have the skills with their vids. can't wait to see the next one.
  4. At this moment in development there is only one vehicle type allowed per race, as defined in the races config. So multiple vehicle types per server, as long as the server is running multiple races. the only way there would be hydras or something in the race, is if you defined it in the .race file. people continuelly ask for a "early beta" to play with while we continue development, think of the race mod as that. Giving you guys something to toy with while we work on DM.
  5. You can create your own races. start, finish, and markers. These are all configured with the server configuration. As ransom said, we have decided to include some dog fighting for those of you who's trigger finger is starting to get itchy. Basically everything with planes and helicopters works perfectly, so it should provide for some really intresting and fun dog fights. (trying to dodge homing missles anyone?) The racing by itself is incredebly fun i think. The dog fighting is just iceing on the cake. It is really insanely fun to be flying hydras with 4 or 5 other people with homing missle
  6. We have been working very hard on MTA:SA over the past few weeks. One of our achievements is the development of an admin system to coincide with MTA:SA. The system allows extensive remote administrative control over the server and the players. This admin system greatly improves the ease of running and administrating an MTA:SA server. We have made great strides in the race mod, net code, and we have also greatly increased the functionality of the core to help support user modifications. Synchronization is now considerably better then what was originally shown in the first development video. We
  7. SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It is what people will use to develop mods using the Blue platform.
  8. I hope that you guys are as excited about Downtown and the new developments publicly released today as we are. We know that all of you have been asking for pedestrians and Massivly multiplayer, so we came upon the idea of Downtown. I will admit it wasn't my idea, but i am strongly for it and can't wait to see what you guys think of it.
  9. ** Records updated Sorry it took so long
  10. nice vid, some really good killing action and deffinetly loved the music, i was wondering how long it would take before someone used the HL2 music lol WOOOHOOO my first post with the TEAM MEMBER tag
  11. you have deffinetly progressed with your editing and with your stunts although you still have a ways to go. Keep up the good work. There were plenty of times you could have synched the music and the stunt and it seemed you over looked that. Synching the music will add a HUGE element to your videos. Also, try naming your videos something other than "stuntvid3". Thats not very original, and if you do make an awesome video next time, people will have a hard time remembering the title if its just called "stuntvid". Also, speed up the video a little bit, the video seemed like it was running in s
  12. 37 flips lol that must have been an intresting ride
  13. I have removed the requirment for video footage. I think it is asking to much as gamefreek said. *added records *edited rules
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