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  1. بنده به کد نویسی علاقه خاصی دارم و مشکل اینه که سال هاست دارم تلاش میکنم اما نمیتونم کد بنویسم. لطفا اگه کسی بگه کجا میتونم کد نویسی یاد بگیرم ممنون میشم.البته کد نویسی برای ام تی ای.
  2. everyone can add login menu/zombie into their servers. I wont get this gamemode even if it's for free. coz u just collected sth from mta resources and named it sth and ur selling it.
  3. A very friendly community and reasonable for the people that are looking for small communities
  4. madsup

    Error CC23

    Hello I've the best net and it's very fast and quick and it downloads 8mb in only 3 seconds but... I can't connect to some servers such as SAUR or Sky Roleplay,SAS-network..etc... (not all of the servers) I'm sure it's not because of the net coz i can connect to some servers with getting no time out or network trouble. I need a help here I already reinstalled my MTA:SA but didn't work
  5. add some custom objects like SA:MP will be very good for mappers.
  6. madsup


    Hello I can't understand anything about meta.xml can anyone guide me how can i make one and Im 13 years old.(so explain it simply)
  7. Infected Zombies 2.0 History : Infected zombies for the first time found by Gold/Kypton in 2016,then server closed for a while then we re-backed the server at 2017 with a new gamemode in the whole MTA:SA we're proud of ourselves because we invented a new gamemode, and we used our own ideas now server is opened for everyone,you can come and try the gamemode. Commands/Binds F1 = Clan menu F3 = Infected Zombie classes menu F4 = Top10 PvP killers F9 = Help menu includes Rules/Commands/Rooster /vehicle = opens the car menu includes changing color/wrench/etc..for closing the menu /vehicle /sms (player-name) (text) /news = To check the news Weapon shop system : You can buy weapons here you'll unlock different weapons by leveling up Food shop : Well its around 20 years that the life time is gone so most of the foods has been end so people's food is zombie meat,break,etc.. Skin shop : You can choose skin in this shop,You need to be atleast 50+ level to unlock this shop Spawn menu : You can choose different classes in this menu you'll unlock every rank by leveling up, you'll unlock more bases/groups by leveling up and you can unlock more classes/skins! Login panel : 100% Advanced login panel,be careful if you make 2 accounts or more you'll be banned ! Infected Zombie classes menu : You can see in which level you can unlock which rank in this menu Top 10 PVP killer : You can see the top pvp killer in this menu these player are the lord of pvp Clan system : You can make a clan and if you make you're clan's actvity good we'll decide to give you a base,shops,class etc... Nemesis System : You can enter the nemesis area when you reached 15+ level so you can kill the boss! TDM System : when you unlock more groups you can attack different groups and kill them. PvP System : they're two different pvp maps you can join pvp by choosing PvP Warrior 2 or 1 class in the spawn panel Support us ! : We need your help to continue the server by donating you can get VIP in our server more infromations about donating connect @Gold9 Our server IP is : mtasa:// We'll be happy if you give your idea about our server in a reply in this topic! Thanks for reading.
  8. Good luck with 100% copid/cat server!
  9. The server is no longer alive (admins can move it to trash)
  10. Infected Zombies a Whole info from the server and server history : Well,my friend(tahseen) and i decided to made a zombie server we were working on scripts about a year and finally we end it,at first our server got a big problem because some of the staffs sent us copid scripts but in 2017 we decided to kick all the staff team and we just restarted it, we're working on our own scripts about 3 months and we make sure that there isnt any copy right scripts/maps on our server,and at 6/14/2017 tahseen and i decided to open the server for everyone! How to play in Infected Zombies : well iam going to tell you all the commands and binds of this server so if you're connected to server you wont have any problem in the sever, The commands are : 1/wrench to flip your car and to support it with some health. 2/vehicle to open/close vehicles control panel. 3./lock to lock your vehicle. 4./engine to turn on/off your engine. 5./light to turn off/on your vehicle lights. 6./pm [playername] [text] to message someone. 7./r to reply someone who has just pmed you. 8./music to open/close music panel. 9./nemesis to teleport to nemesis [Zombie boss], 10./pvp[2-4] to teleport to pvp you can use /pvp or /pvp2 ... /pvp4 to teleport to different locations in a pvp zone. 11./news to check latest news. 12./zombie to teleport to zombie area which is good for killing the infection.[Grove street]. 13./hud to disable new hud. and the binds are : 1. F1 to open/close the clan panel 2. F2 to open/close the vehicle panel,it i'll only work when you're driving your own vehicle 3. F3 to open/close music panel. 4..F9 to open/close help panel Shops with image Gun shop : You can buy different guns by money ! Gun shops are in bases and you can also buy guns from gun shops around the map! Food Shop : When your health is low you can go and buy some foods to eat/drink there're different prices for every food,expensive foods will heal you up faster than a cheap ones you can find food shops in all the bases and in every food shop around SA ! Car shop : You can buy different cars from the car shop and you can spawn them by the spawner(white marker), you can find car shops around the SA or inside the safe zones(base) Change your skin ! : You can also change your skin from the skins shop, we cant call it shop you can take the skins for free, you can only set your skins in safe zones(bases) ! About Gamemode system(with image) : Kill nemesis boss with your friend ! : You can kill nemesis boss with your friend its a bit to kill it alone and you can warp to nemesis boss by pressing /nemesis nemesis boss spawns in greenglass collage,SF ship near the jazz party and finally in bone country! Kill zombies and level up : You can level up yourself by killing zombies ! Different kind of zombies ! : There a lot of kind of zombies such as : Zombie Guy,Ugly zombie,Miss zombie,Zombie,Guard Zombie,Bomber,Hunter and Tyant as i guess Hunter and Tyant are almost boss and for example you can kill Tyant by only shooting on his head and hunter got a lot of damage like nemesis but a bit less. Becareful dont kill bomber when he's near you because when it die it'll blow the zombies or players that's near him! As a suggestion : if you want to have a lot of fun with your friends in this server just go to horn areas we mapped some horn areas to make this server better and players can have fun in these areas! There a lot of more horn areas in this server ! if you want to see them connect the server ! Rules Are : 1.Dont cheat/hack 2.Dont insult/flame 3.Dont spam 4.Dont use caps in mainchat 5.Be mature 6.Be ethical 7.Use common sense 8. Dont annoy staff team 9. Dont provoke 10. Show some respect to others 11. If you want to apply or want to get more info then check our forum which is announced every period of time 12.It's recommended not to steal player's cars in order to not get bad reputation between players. Donation system and a bit info about owners and server : Infected Zombies was found by Gold and Krypton who tried to make this server the best in it's gamemode,quality and maps and with a support from our staff team we improved our gamemode much as any player wants and we came with an accurate gamemode with scripts that may have 1% bugs and interesting zombies gamemode that comes with new zombie names and styles all of this to get for you a good gamemode and to let you enjoy playing in our community so we offer some players who liked our community to support/donate us for special items they get and these items will be: [Donation] V.I.P System 1.VIP membership for player.[1 month of VIP will cost you 3$]. Clan base system Important : Bases for your clan that has no limit to be deleted or removed Base Level 3- 100 objects base + 2 skins + official costs you 15$. Base Level 2-50 objects base + 1 skin + official costs you 10$. Base Level 1-25 objects base + official costs you 6$. That's all,if you like to support us we will make for you a discount if this is your first time to donate for us for more info contact us on and on skype: rashed.rafati2 Thanks for reading... Frequently asked questions : Infected zombies forum link ? Answer : How to donate ? Answer : Contact Gold owner of infected zombies. You can contact him at skype with skype: rashed.rafati2 and his is his Face book is What's server id ? Answer : mtasa:// Note for admins : Perm taken for posting this topic from the owner of the server
  11. madsup

    Please Help :(

    i dont understand you can you explain me what to do? or please totally give me the link
  12. madsup

    Please Help :(

    Community users please i need help i cant download script editor its bugging link can anyone download that applicain and uplaod it into Mediafire then give me the link please check this i need to be scripter and i need that applicain :C