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  1. You can use https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CreateEffect to create fire, and update the position of the effect every frame to match the player's head position, using https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetPedBonePosition (BONE_HEAD). The fire in your picture looks like a custom effect - probably part of the model itself or some kind of tricky shader... however you should still get fairly close with what I suggested.
  2. It's not that simple, we haven't just removed support for XP and Vista from the latest builds because we are elitist for Windows 10, or the latest OS. Also, who said the only blockers to XP and Vista is CEF? There's so much more to consider.
  3. As far as I'm aware the latest XP/Vista builds use 76.1.13+gf19c584+chromium-76.0.3809.132 The latest 1.5.8 nightly builds use 91.1.12+gcf0c26a+chromium-91.0.4472.101 XP and Vista are blockers to many potential updates and new features, your OS is 15 years old. Consider upgrading if you want to have access to modern software and features.
  4. witam poszukuje skryptera do serwera RPG/RP wiesz moze gdzie znajde ?

  5. Lpsd

    Banned by mta

    Temporary bans cannot be appealed. Please wait for your ban to expire and don't repeat your actions (you know what you did).
  6. ConGuard Network/connection helper for MTA:SA This resource provides measures to deal with lagswitch / connection abuse in MTA (commonly seen in Destruction Derby servers, although you can use this resource in any environment/mode you wish). When a player loses connection to the server, the player (and their vehicle, if it exists) will be frozen for all remote players and a "lost connection" icon will be placed above the player. Upon re-connection, the player will be unfrozen and (by default) set back to their original position before they lost connection, to avoid the teleporting exploit. ConGuard has a few configurable options (explained on the GitHub page) and is also based on dimensions, which is useful for multi-gamemode servers who don't want to activate this in every room. The source code & documentation can be found on GitHub below. Download/GitHub: https://github.com/Lpsd/ConGuard If you have any suggestions for additional features, or find any bugs, please submit a GitHub issue
  7. @ilnaz You haven't posted any examples of how you're using dxDrawImage in your script, so it's really hard to advise you. Please post code examples.
  8. You are not providing a callback to your `UPDATE` query - which means dbPoll is not being called on the query handler, resulting in the query not being freed. You should instead use dbExec, instead of dbQuery, for your `UPDATE` query - providing you don't need to do anything once the query has completed. Otherwise, see the wiki page for dbQuery on providing a callback function with dbPoll. Regarding your problem with auto increment. You cannot set a text/string type column to auto increment. Auto increment is limited to INT type columns. You should have an additional column (at the start) called `id`, with INT type, which is set to UNIQUE Key and Auto Increment.
  9. Try this addEvent("onSettingChange", true) addEventHandler("onSettingChange", localPlayer, function(variable, value) if variable == "draw_distance" then local state = not (value == "Off") draw.setVisible(state, true) end end) function draw.setVisible(visible, notifyDisplay) draw.visible = visible and true or false draw.changeDistance(draw.visible) if notifyDisplay then triggerEvent("notification:create", localPlayer, "Draw distance", "is now "..(draw.visible and "ON" or "OFF")) end end function draw.changeDistance(max) for i,object in pairs(getElementsByType("object")) do if isElement(object) then local elementID = getElementModel(object) engineSetModelLODDistance(elementID, max and 325 or 100) end end end function initialize() draw.setVisible(true, false) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, initialize) Your code had all sorts of logic errors, especially with the onClientResourceStart, which was only being added when you ran draw.setVisible, but also being attached for all resources, instead of just the current one. It would never run for the current resource that way.
  10. Just so you know, the actual max value for engineSetModelLODDistance is 325
  11. Can you explain in more detail what you mean by object vs array? Are you referring to JSON data format? If you're referring to element (object) data storage, versus standard storage in Lua tables, then Lua tables are always going to perform better. However, some more understanding of what you mean / what you're trying to do would help explain it
  12. @salh You are storing the password in plain text. This is NOT recommended in any circumstances! (you are breaking European law) I would advise you to remove this code from your server immediately and replace it with a secure login system. Please see the tutorial topic that I sent above.
  13. No, copying that code would not work because you have 2 undefined functions. Furthermore, as stated, this is a bad way to create a remember me functionality because you appear to be storing the password in plaintext (which is illegal if you're accepting European traffic by the way - and just bad practice in general). Instead, you should be using a token system as explained in the linked tutorial
  14. @salh This code doesn't do anything. You haven't defined the `getUserAndPass` function. Furthermore, you wouldn't be saving the actual password, you'd be using a token based system. @Master_11 Please see this tutorial which includes a "remember me" functionality
  15. The "getPedTargetStart" function will retrieve the starting point of the target range. This target range is probably linked to the camera position (I'm not entirely sure though), which would explain why your camera is "always moving forward" Let's say the target start range is always 1 unit in front of the camera. Your camera position is set to 0. Then you set the camera position to the start range (1), and the start range then subsequently changes to 2. This will happen forever whilst you are zoomed in. You should store the initial target start position, instead of getting it on each frame. This can be done quite easily. local targetStartPos = false function aim_test () if getControlState("aim_weapon") == true and getPedWeapon(localPlayer) == 34 then if not targetStartPos then local startX, startY, startZ = getPedTargetStart(localPlayer) targetStartPos = {x = startX, y = startY, z = startZ} end local x, y, z = targetStartPos.x, targetStartPos.y, targetStartPos.z local x2,y2,z2 = getPedTargetEnd(localPlayer) if not x2 then return false end local x3,y3,z3 = getPedTargetCollision(localPlayer) if x3 then setCameraMatrix(x,y,z,x3,y3,z3) else setCameraMatrix(x,y,z,x2,y2,z2) end else if not getCameraTarget(localPlayer) then targetStartPos = false setCameraTarget(localPlayer) end end end addEventHandler("onClientPreRender",root,aim_test) Haven't tested, but I'm fairly certain that should fix your issue.
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