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  1. zetox1


    can you help me a bit with getTimerDetails
  2. zetox1


    I think about something like this I have found it on other topic but it have to restart after map loading: local sX,sY = guiGetScreenSize() local counter = 10 local r,g,b = 0,255,0 function drawCounterSHI() dxDrawText("Your vehicle will change in: "..counter,0,sY*0.8,sX,sY,tocolor(r,g,b,255),2,"default","center","top",false,false,false) end function startEverything() addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,drawCounterSHI) setTimer(function() counter = counter - 1 if counter < 0 then counter = 15 r,g,b = 0,255,0 end
  3. zetox1


    Hi gyus I'm new here and can you tell me if it's possible to make counter which will be counting down 0 and again. and after map loading it will start counting down again. And one important thing it have start always after 3.2.1.GO
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