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  1. Problem

    Hello. I encountered some problems. I don't know is it bug or what. So first of all about falling and dying. When I jump off the building and my character dies on the ground, it still shows falling animation. Its very annoying. It would be cool if someone make a script that fixes this bug, or maybe an update of Multi Theft Auto. Next one is when I explode helicopter It shows wreck of helicopter - its alright. But when there is inside (entered) player and I explode with a bazooka or any other weapon the helicopter disappears and only shows dead body of the player. So I hope for fix bye
  2. Wasted script

    So what's now ? I am new at scripting so I don't really know what to do in next step ?
  3. Wasted script

    So I need to something similar like this ? addEventHandler( "onPlayerWasted", getRootElement( ), function createText ( )
  4. Wasted script

    No , I want to make WASTED text like in original GTA SAN ANDREAS style . Not gta 5
  5. Wasted script

    I want like this
  6. Wasted script

    Can someone help me out with script ? I need script that when my player dies it will show WASTED text like in original GTA san andreas
  7. Just a question

    Ok, thx.
  8. Just a question

    this is example - local hospitalTable = {} local hospitals = { -- mx, my, mz, tarx, tary, tarz, x, y, z, rot, name [1] = {1218, -1322, 15, 1217, -1322, 15, 1173, -1323, 15, 270, "All Saints Hospital"}, -- All Saints
  9. Just a question

    Im trying to make when player dies he will spawn in El quabadros hospital , so I need this - mx, my, mz, tarx, tary, tarz, x, y, z , and I dont know what mx my mz tarx tary tarz means .... how to get them. This is coordinates or what ?
  10. Just a question

    Hello , I have a question . How to get this coordinates in mta san andreas ? - mx, my, mz, tarx, tary, tarz , rot
  11. Need help,

    anyone can help ??
  12. Need help,

    No, it doesn't work. And :~ load of errors came in my server. I just need to make 2 flags to work.
  13. Need help,

    So how it would look like ? I cant understand I need this, but this doesn't work , I dont know what Im doing wrong. First flag works perfectly, but second flag doesn't work. addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, -- resourceRoot == the resource that just started (this resource)function () setWeaponProperty("ak-47", "poor", "flags", 0x000020) setWeaponProperty("ak-47", "poor", "flags" , 0x000010)end)
  14. Need help,

    Hello , I have quick question. How to add more weapon properties ?? Because when I try to add flag 0x000010 it doesn't work. So how ? addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, -- resourceRoot == the resource that just started (this resource) function () setWeaponProperty("ak-47", "poor", "flags", 0x000020) end)
  15. Request 2

    Please someone ?