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  1. sorry for the link, but I didn't know that "TGA FreeForAll Shutdown - New Policy Implemented" just enter here : http://www.thegamersalliance.com/freeforall/?M=D and download "HotRide.zip" it was uploaded on : 05-Oct-2004 ( 07:47 ) size : 34.7 MB and yes don't use right click save as, just click on the zip
  2. Yes I use mods ( but not "handling" CHEATS) ( I don't expect that you will beliеve me, but anyway ...) this is my new movie "Hot Ride" (music : Prodigy - Hotride) the stunts are made with "Infernus" ("Lamborghini Diablo" modification) I also used "New Vice City 2004" mod (no damage on the car) and yes I know that I should do PCJ-stunts (grinding,flips and...), but I do movies not only for the stunts... I do movies for "the overall-feeling" (quote : NosGoth ) and if you think that this is not the place for movies like this I will stop posting them. http://www.thegamersalliance.com/freefor
  3. I just try to make movies not only for the stuns, but for the editing and for the feeling when you watch the movie, not just a number of stuns put together with some music, of course I know that if the stuns are good the movie will be good too , but ....
  4. this is my previous movie, it's a little different, you will see http://www.thegamersalliance.com/freefo ... arazzo.zip
  5. Thank you for advices and I will do my best next time
  6. What do you think ? http://www.thegamersalliance.com/freeforall/diablo.zip p.s: DivX Version 5.2
  7. may be if you can do all this without cheats it will be more interesting
  8. As posted here. 71.6MB >> 50MB methinks... Yes I know! I just have a fast connection and think it's not a "crime" to try yes the archive is broken
  9. here are the link to "Stunt Mania v3 " http://www.fileplanet.com/files/130000/135995.shtml I try to uploaded to http://www.thegamersalliance.com/index/index.php but i can't and for that reason I uploaded the movie on fileplanet I hope it will be useful
  10. yes get a fraps 1.9 for editing I use "Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0" it' a very good program
  11. andyroososoft, I will be very happy if you put " Run Tommy Run " on your website http://redasses.homestead.com/vicecitystunts.html
  12. yes - " synchronize " or "synchronization" thank you now I can write what I think: there are no synchronization between music and picture
  13. maybe I choose the wrong word "coincidence" I mean that the music don't fit with the movie ( or mix , ... I don't know how to say, I use an english dictionary and for the word ( on bulgarian ) " съвпадам " there was wrote " coincidence " from dictionary: "СЪВПАДАМ" (СЪВПАДна) coincide, concur, tally (с with); разг. fall in (with); (еднакъв съм) coincide, be identical (по време) coincide, concur; co-exist; (по място) coincide; (за мнения) agree, concur, coincide, accord, be in keeping
  14. the music don't coincidence with the stuns
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