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  1. Thanks for your reply I am busy with a lot of different models atm, but I will make another video once I finished the canyon. I will certainly add some rocks in there!
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply @Mr.Loki I did not expect such an answer to be honest, and as a beginning scripter this seems pretty intimidating. But I am sure this will help me a lot in the long run. Thanks once again
  3. Hello, I've been struggling with this last part of a script I'm making. Basically an object spawns, and needs to be launched forwards. However, this doesn't happen. the object just sits still. function rustlerCreateProjectile() local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if(vehicle)then if getElementModel(vehicle) == 476 and rustler50calstate == 1 then outputChatBox ("50cal firing") elseif rustler20mmstate == 1 then outputChatBox ("20mm cannons firing") elseif rustler37mmstate == 1 then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(vehicle) local rx, ry, rz = getElementRotation(vehicle) local projectile37mm = createObject (2686, x, y, z, rx, ry, rz, true) local projectileattach = attachElements (projectile37mm, vehicle, 0, 4.3, -0.15) setTimer (function() detachElements (projectile37mm) end, 50, 1) setTimer ( function() setElementVelocity(projectile37mm, 0, 0, 50) --this is the part that I cannot get to work --destroyElement ( projectile37mm ) end, 50, 1 ) outputChatBox ("37mm cannon firing") end end end bindKey("mouse1", "down", rustlerCreateProjectile) What am I missing?
  4. SetVehiclePanelState has the information I was looking for, thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks for your reply, I had no idea this was a custom function. To bother you once more; where can I download this custom function?
  6. Hello, I've been trying to attach an effect to a vehicle, which in my understanding should work. I'm getting this error: ERROR: attempt to call global 'attachEffect' (a nil value) function rustlerEngine() local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(vehicle) local rx, ry, rz = getElementRotation(vehicle) local engineSmoke = createEffect ( "smoke30m", x-3, y, z, rx, ry, rz ) if(vehicle)then if getElementModel(vehicle) == 476 then toggleControl ( "accelerate", false ) toggleControl ( "brake_reverse", false ) attachEffect(engineSmoke, vehicle) setEffectSpeed(engineSmoke, 10) outputChatBox ("simulating loss of engine", 0, 190, 255) end end end bindKey("0", "down", rustlerEngine) What am I missing?
  7. I found no information of interest while looking at that event, could be just me, perhaps I am missing something. Is it perhaps hardcoded? I remember it's possible to "simulate" damage on cars, by popping its tires for example.
  8. Hello there, I've got a quick question regarding airplanes. When a specific part of an airplane is damaged - its right wing, for example. The right wing's aileron becomes unstable, making the plane rotate left and right on random. Is there any way to damage this specific part of an airplane? so one can for example type /damagerightwing and the right wing gets damaged. Thanks in advance, Noah
  9. Thanks for your reply! For now I only simple scripting methods, once I learn more about scripting I might use those global variables and more advanced methods. I personally prefer the way it is now, so the answer would be no. Thanks once again
  10. Hello there! I've got a quick question regarding the size of scripts. I'm running a 700 line script to change, alter and modify the weapons in my server. You can imagine this script is constantly being run in a TDM server. So my question is as follows: Is it better, more efficient to have one big script like mine (700 lines) or multiple, smaller ones (7 scripts consisting of 100 lines each)? Thanks for your time!
  11. Hello @UnchiuDawg, This particular building/object is prelighted that way by the original Rockstar Developers. This means it's not possible to get rid of this peculiar lighting by shaders (as far as I know) with prelighting you pre light an object, for example a road, so certain lights are rendered there and thus saving memory. You can however take this specific object, export it, prelight it yourself, and import it once again in your own server/map. Here is a prelighting tutorial CodyJ(L) once send to me: Good luck!
  12. @StormFighter Thanks for your reply! I think it would be strange that it's not possible to change an aircraft's handling, since it's possible in SAMP. Hopefully there is another way to do it.
  13. Hello there, Recently I've been trying to change the handling of the rhino and beagle using setVehicleHandling. The problem is very simple, it doesn't work. When I change the vehicle ID to a regular car (infernus, banshee or what have you) it works perfectly Is it not possible to change the handling of aircraft and the rhino? or is there some other way to change it? For now I just want to alter the accelation and top speed of the vehicle (I took the script from the mta wikia) function vhandling ( ) for _,v in pairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do if getElementModel(v) == 432 then -- Rhino ID, any regular car ID works, rhino doesn't setVehicleHandling(v, "maxVelocity", 30000.0) setVehicleHandling(v, "engineAcceleration", 30000.0) end end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), vhandling ) Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi @Zorgman! I've been struggling with the same problem, but I've tried something that might help you. I have not succeeded yet, and I am a scripting beginner, so take this with a grain of salt. You can use setPedAnimation whenever a player with a silenced is shooting/aiming/walking. Specify the path to the animation table that contains the rifle's animations, and you should be golden. Like I said I haven't been able to successfully incorporate this in my own server yet, but maybe you will find a way to do it Good luck!
  15. @ignatius I used Autodesk Maya to model/make the Canyon, and then exported it to Autodesk 3DS Max where I could export it once again to a .DFF and .COL file. (These are the files that GTA uses, DFF is the model itself. COL is the collision file) As for a tutorial there are loads of modelling tutorials on YouTube that focus on making 3D models for GTA SA. I myself am a certified 3D modeller with 5 years of experience, and my advice would be to start small with your models. Create a small house or building, try to import it in GTA and learn from your mistakes. Good luck!