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  1. [HELP] Changing weapons handling

    Hi @Zorgman! I've been struggling with the same problem, but I've tried something that might help you. I have not succeeded yet, and I am a scripting beginner, so take this with a grain of salt. You can use setPedAnimation whenever a player with a silenced is shooting/aiming/walking. Specify the path to the animation table that contains the rifle's animations, and you should be golden. Like I said I haven't been able to successfully incorporate this in my own server yet, but maybe you will find a way to do it Good luck!
  2. Bone County Canyon

    @ignatius I used Autodesk Maya to model/make the Canyon, and then exported it to Autodesk 3DS Max where I could export it once again to a .DFF and .COL file. (These are the files that GTA uses, DFF is the model itself. COL is the collision file) As for a tutorial there are loads of modelling tutorials on YouTube that focus on making 3D models for GTA SA. I myself am a certified 3D modeller with 5 years of experience, and my advice would be to start small with your models. Create a small house or building, try to import it in GTA and learn from your mistakes. Good luck!
  3. Bone County Canyon

    No, it will be used on my own server. Thank you
  4. [Race] Electric Outrun

    This looks and feels amazing, the atmosphere is great, the visuals are gorgeous, and the music only adds to that awesome feeling. Absolutely amazing!
  5. Bone County Canyon

    @CodyJ(L) Yeah I've been trying to find out how exactly, when I try to assign a LOD to those models nothing happens
  6. Bone County Canyon

    @Skarbonke Thanks for your feedback I can put the water level up quite easily, but a dry canyon also looks cool in my opinion
  7. set/getElementData problem

    @IIYAMA Thanks again mate, small mistake I hadn't seen. It works now
  8. set/getElementData problem

    Hello! I have almost finished a script, but I have some trouble figuring this problem: What I want to do is to save a certain vehicleComponent's rotation, and call on that rotation/value later on. But I get the error: Attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'ox' (a nil value) From what I can see the setElementData doesn't save the original value for some reason. setElementData should save the rotation of "gear_f" here under the name "ox" (original rotation on x-axis) function shamalDisableGear() local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local ox = getVehicleComponentRotation(vehicle, "gear_f") -- should save it here local originalRotation = setElementData(vehicle, "gear_f", ox, true) -- should save it here if(vehicle)then if getElementModel(vehicle) == 519 then toggleControl ("sub_mission", false) end end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerVehicleEnter", getLocalPlayer(), shamalDisableGear ) Later on, when the setElementData is called by getElementData: function shamalGearFront(button, press) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if(vehicle)then if getElementModel(vehicle) == 519 then if button == "2" and (press) then if gearstate == 0 then local rx, ry, rz = getVehicleComponentRotation(vehicle, "gear_f") setTimer(function () rx = rx - 3 if rx < 0 then rx = 360 - rx end setVehicleComponentRotation(vehicle, "gear_f", rx-3, ry, rz) end,50,33) elseif gearstate == 1 then if getElementData(vehicle, "gear_f", ox, true) then -- it seems it doesn't save the original value (ox) setVehicleComponentRotation(vehicle, "gear_f", ox-90, oy, oz) setTimer(function () rx = rx +1 setVehicleComponentRotation(vehicle, "gear_f", rx+1, ry, rz) end,50,90) end end end end end end addEventHandler ( "onClientKey", root, shamalGearFront ) What is causing this problem? Thanks in advance for your help, -Noah
  9. rotating a vehicle component smoothly

    @IIYAMA damn, this works perfectly aswell if you don't mind I have one last problem: When I press "u"" again the components with negative values move another -90 degrees instead of rotating to their original location. The components using a positive value don't share this problem, they work perfectly. What can I do now?
  10. rotating a vehicle component smoothly

    @IIYAMA It finally works! thanks for your help. I however have one more question, The opposite component also needs to rotate, but this time it needs to rotate -90 degrees instead of +90 degrees. When I do this however I get the debugging error: "expected positive, got negative" which makes me think that rotating components using a minus/negative value is not possible. But it should be possible, some way or another.. right?
  11. rotating a vehicle component smoothly

    @3laa33 It's a custom component I named that way. It works because it used to move with my old script. @IIYAMA I tried putting it inside the function. It works for half a second, and then stops again. Where do I need to put it exactly?
  12. rotating a vehicle component smoothly

    @IIYAMA I'm not that incompetent. debugging didn't give any error, hence why I simply told @3laa33 that it doesn't work. The component's name is correct, I double checked it. How do I update the ry value?
  13. rotating a vehicle component smoothly

    Thanks for replying @3laa33 I tried your script but it doesn't work, nothing happens when I press u
  14. rotating a vehicle component smoothly

    I've posted the same script sometime ago, but it turned out it wasn't the scripts fault, but rather a problem with the model. Now I am wondering how I can smoothly rotate a vehicle component. Right now when I press "u" the component instantly moves 90 degrees, but I'd much rather have that it rotates gradually. Much like in this video: Here's my script: function shamalFunctions() local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local x, y, z = getVehicleComponents(vehicle, "gearflapleft" ) if(vehicle)then if getElementModel(vehicle) == 519 then local rx, ry, rz = getVehicleComponentRotation(vehicle, "gearflapleft") setVehicleComponentRotation(vehicle, "gearflapleft", rx, ry+90, rz) end end end bindKey("u", "down", shamalFunctions) Thanks for your time -Noah
  15. setVehicleComponentRotation Problem

    Thanks for your help @Einheit-101 It fixed my problem. I would've never figured this out on my own, so thanks a lot