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  1. You put ll the other mappers into a lower league, this is brilliant! Totally fits the dm scene too, nice job. Unique masterpiece!
  2. Visually stunning! Niceone Satan, you always set the standards when you release quality maps like this.
  3. Excellent release! Keep up the good work! Although MTA Race is nice and fast to rip up creative maps, I still prefer MTA DM Editor, it is a lot better at creating more accurate and reliable maps. Once you get the hang of the new editor, things will start to speed up when making maps.
  4. Hm.. seems like this is causing you some heart ache. Suggestion : Convert to old .map format with ConvertFFS. Save the text to a new .map file. Install the old MTA Race 1.1, open the .map file and 'SAVE AS' a new file. Use this new saved as .map file with map2ipl. Reason could be ConvertFFS saves differently to MTA Race 1.1, for example the tabs. Instead of 2 tabs before the objects data, it has 0 tabs. Wild guess, but I can\t believe map2ipl doesn't work on MTA Race 1.1 saved files. Goodluck.
  5. Rac3r

    MTA and SAMP

    Awesome MrHankey, but you might want to take a closer look at the example of race_toptimes. The traffic highlighters are cool. Hardly any racing games though, have vehicle health, it's pointless as it's noticeable how damaged your car is by looking at the vehicle. I don't get though, the need to show multiple markers That might be because I'm use to managing with one, after all it's a race, not a treasure hunt. (also, with a twist, SA-MP can display 2 at the same time ). Nice and civil debating
  6. Hmm. Convert to .map (old MTA Race format). Then use the old Map2Ipl programs?
  7. Rac3r

    MTA and SAMP

    I'm not dodging your questions robhol, the only things I didn't answer were my friends who struggled to play, how can I answer their problems. And come on you got to agree that for example pressing F1 for a help tab, or I for an inventory window really is useful It's awesome! I never have been a fan of typing commands. Although pressing the SUBMISSION key and selecting from a menu isn't such a bad method either, it works. I'm not disputing the fact MTA has the potential to deliver awesome features to GTA:SA Multiplayer, _arc always gives me the wow factor when showing me video's. It's j
  8. Rac3r

    MTA and SAMP

    I didn't answer your question because I was not the one to have trouble playing MTA, unlike you I don't think I have the answers to everything. Also, I should of said this was the days of the Nightly Builds. What's better? Again, you fail. If it was about being better, we'd all have 42" Inch TV's. If it was about being better, we'd all support Manchester United. If it was about being better, we'd all being using Linux Servers. The fact is, it's about fun, it's about giving the players what they want. Entertainment. As I've said, MTA coding is excellent. But what do people who play ga
  9. Rac3r

    MTA and SAMP

    MTA didn't invent GUI. It's how most GUI is displayed, then you use the mouse to select an option. You only think it's a rip off because MTA used it first. It's not a contest. Why does it only take 5 seconds to load? About the key binds, again it's cool as a coder, but the fact is it's not GTA San Andreas, people wouldn't play MTA or SA-MP if they didn't like GTA San Andreas, I can't say for sure but most players would play GTASA, then discover the MP version. That would mean they're use to the key configuration and are ready to play, but once again MTA changes that. I'm not a hater,
  10. I think the format you need to convert to is MEDIT. Not too sure though, I don't see an IPL convert option. Try change the second box to MEDIT, see what that does. CreateObject is for SA-MP.
  11. Rac3r

    MTA and SAMP

    It doesn't take long at IRC for someone to start dissing SA-MP, I only mentioned the word SA-MP and a few MTA players start with the hating. To be honest, if players didn't create such a divide between the two mods, the GTA MP community would be united. Unfortunately, MTA believes because it can do more, it should be No.1 for the players, that's rubbish. GTAIV can do more, but I don't play GTAIV, I player GTA San Andreas. I agree with the name, if I type MTA in the address bar, I get a transportation authority website, same as the search engine, MTA Deathmatch is there, but it isn't top.
  12. Your racing maps are probably the best I've seen. Winston Cup, Elf Park are among the best. I was wondering if you would like to come and work with our AdrenalineX team, this could get your mapping skills shown to more people and would surely benefit our racing community. Our normal race list is 700+, our MTA race list though is only 30. I would really like to work with you on producing more action packed racing tracks.
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