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  1. How did you get all the way up there? Where do you jump from? -kris
  2. I modded the last jump. I'l edit it out and you can judge it? No wait, I don't care. In my opinion the video is great and I would like you to tell me EXACTLY which stunts where modded. PLEASE. For christsakes. -kris
  3. Thanks! And for you whining bitches; read the message after the credits at the end and you can re-think your posts, please. If you do not bother; I edited the handling.cfg for the last jump with the PCJ in the video. If you do not believe me, please go somewhere else and end yourself. -kris
  4. Thanks alot for the feedback. Glad to see that someone could thrust their for my tweaked jump and write something nicely. I tried uploading the video twice, but with no luck. When it was done uploaded the file was not anywhere to be located, unfortunately that's why I had to use FilePlanet. I would very much like you to upload it if you do not mind. -kris
  5. You did read what it said at the very end of the video, didn't you? There's your answer. Could I please get some critics other than I have modified it, that if you had read the titles at the end of the movies, you would not have to. -kris
  6. Read and understand Also, you should do your critics from what you see, not what you think you see. -kris
  7. There where some problems with the link a little while ago, should be working now. Let me hear what you think. -kris
  8. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=44676#44676 New version out! -kris
  9. Finally, FilePlanet accepted the file and it is ready for download. This is the 2nd edition of my first movie, Vice Postal. I, once again, hope you will enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed making it. PLEASE, post feedback, comments, suggestions, rating, ect. That would be great, since I did put alot of work into this and I'd like to know what you guys think about it. Download Vice Postal http://www.fileplanet.com/files/130000/131253.shtml Reference (old thread); http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=4500 Enjoy! -kris
  10. Your bike will turn black, at least it has always done that with me. But yes, you will stay on it like a glued on doll You should be able to do a backflip under these conditions, but since the fire on your bike stops and you do not the get "fade out to busted"-message, I call a on this one. -kris
  11. I agree 100%. Also, I do not think you did a "very good job" synching the music with the video, like others said - but that is okay for a first time movie I think. The editing/clipping isn't outstanding either, but like before, this is very okay for a first time video. It might not be everything but it do play a big role in the video. For the camera angles on the other hand you could have done a much better job. It was a little "un-professional", if you can say it that way. A last word on the tweaking; you did not perform any stunts that where very "special", "unique", "outstanding", ect.
  12. Okay, I did not finish the reworking of the video but I did make alot of new stunts, non-PJC stunts. Personally, I think it turned out very good. Unfortunately, I am not home right now, but that might be a good thing - because then I can make some more stunts This will be good, I think you guys have something to look forward to. Thanks for the feedback, more wouldn't hurt. On the other hand; just wait till the new version of the video. -kris
  13. Sorry about that. I'v did alot of rework on it and I expect it done by saturday. Again sorry for this little "misunderstanding". But I promise - it will be MUCH better than the first version. -kris
  14. Thanks. A little more specific? -kris
  15. I'v decided to take the movie down for a bit. I figured I would "fine tune" it just a bit to make it even better. It will be up shortly! Sorry to make this post. -kris
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