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  1. PeteyFTW

    Sharing my first video in the forums

    Thank you so much
  2. Greetings, I have followed your steps but unfortunately, nothing happened, even the ' debug script 3 ' did not inform me if there are errors! Here is my work: Client.lua: meta.xml file: What is the wrong?!
  3. PeteyFTW

    An important questions about scripting

    So, I will start editing small scripts till I get used about some easy codes then start gradually using some difficult codes, By the way, I have good English skills and acceptable and I can communicate with everyone without any problem, So It will take more than two years till I learn lua language even more, I just feel so. I will follow the important guidelines that have been stated above ^
  4. PeteyFTW

    An important questions about scripting

    It's complicated a bit, I couldn't understand!, What is the first steps that I'm supposed to do, starting with the smallest stuff . . . ! I watched creating events, he used some difficult codes I couldn't absorb them unfortunately, a lot of codes around, with hard texts!!
  5. PeteyFTW

    [Show] Vice City Continued

    Really awesome! Good job mate
  6. I'm planning to start my new career in scripting life, Well I just want to learn lua language and dedicated for MTA only but I searched in Google, MTA Wiki Wikipedia, I did each step but I don't understand anything of the scripting codes, Such eventhandler and functions . . . ect, I'm really very interested in learning scripting ' Lua language ' but I can't understand the scripting codes that are placed here So my question is: Give me some good tips to start my new career because I couldn't understand the codes although It is explained in detail ' Wikipedia ' . Tell me how to start it in an easy way . . ! Regards: Petey - MTA lover