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  1. it causes more crashes + sum ppl may use this oppotunity 2 use mods by bypassin it, hu made a client whcih bypasses the crc check anyway? *raises hand* "HOOO HOO HOOOAHH!!! I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!! MS.apple pick me pick me!!! PICK ME!!!! i know who made it!!!!! JERANAMO!!!! MUWHUAHAHAHAHAHh and some one else but i aint spillin da beanz because this guy is DA MAN!!!!!!! ill give u a hint though.. his name is a awesome car made by plemoth(how ever u spell it) in the 70s? i belive.. pure power OH YEH SWEETNEZZZ the c.. uhh. nm lol
  2. i was kidding about me using it right now u fools.. why would i do that? it takes all the fun out of it. but like i said IVE TRIED It before and it does work but i will be more than happy to submit the secret cheats i find out (i got friends MUHAUHUAHHAHA i mean connections COUGH) so i can report them and have them get blocked or what ever.. PEACE
  3. tyzorg


    LOL no kidding I WANT THE FETA CHEEZE!! no I DO!!! NO MEE!!! MEE!!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. no no no u fools u got it all wrong! its not fps LOL u actually think thats a good explaniation? cmon!!! i know what it is.. people make a stripped version of mta.exe with the crc check cracked so u can edit car status.. ive used it b4 (im using it right now) *COUGH* COUGH* *WHEEZE* *GAG* so trust me its that.. i get my BUS to go faster than any thing it has 200hp and goes like 300mph in 5 seconds
  5. tyzorg


    ok so i was in mta and i started talking to my self *cough* my friend. and heres an excerpt of it.. tyzorg2: WOW tyzorg2: i did a 400 tyzorg2: kool lol tyzorg2: HEY MAN tyzorg2: hey tyzorg2: whats koing on? tyzorg2: nothing much u? tyzorg2: nah nothing here either tyzorg2: hows ur mom good? tyzorg2:yeah shes good thanks tyzorg2:hmm thats good tyzorg2: so how about lunch? tyzorg2: sounds good tyzorg2: yeah tyzorg2: theres a new greek place.. tyzorg2: really!? tyzorg2: yeah its by the gym tyzorg2: wow sounds good!! tyzorg2: yeh the gyros are great tyzorg2: u should try the platter tyzorg2: oh i had that b4! tyzorg2: it has the salad and the sandwich tyzorg2: YEH it does!! tyzorg2: uh huh tyzorg2: ok see u at 8? tyzorg2: k tyzorg2: bye tyzorg2: bye.
  6. god last night i was rock stable now im crashing every 2 mins CMON!!!!!
  7. keep doubting but it works.. no lie.. (most of the time) LOL
  8. well u guys know that he said having mods can cause more crashes n crap to ur self? well get this, i normally had a crash every 6 mins or so maby 8.. but since i installed this mod i dont crash any more at all.. believe it!
  9. well im prooving brutez and some other lamers that mods work.. here is a picture where im on a extra island with ramps loops and such go here
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