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  1. _stuntman_

    [R] vs [PiG]

    I reakon the rest of u should keep out of it and let the two gangs decide the rules on their own some of the rules r ok but they should decide the player limit and amount of rounds, the other ruls are fine.
  2. I reakon your bike fest is great and i've been in your servers a few times and never had a problem with the ping even the one before the bike fest but unfortunatly for me when it's 9:00 am over there it's midnight down here (australia) Nic AKA - Comandr_cool AKA - Anubis AKA - Stuntman
  3. is there anything to improve the connection i keep getting disconected from servers
  4. There is but the people who make MTA would have to place it in the game themself and distribute it as a patch or put it in the next version (0.3)
  5. My game is slow wen i play it online eg it takes 2-5 minutes to load my ping is a steady 300but for some strange reason it takes ages to load anything and when cruisisng around (online) the graphics are sort of 2d because of the loading time. C_C
  6. it would be heaps fun also if you could parachute don't u think
  7. I have a problem also when i connect to a server the game (vice city for you dumbass ppl) is just slow incredibly slow.my ping is farily good but the game loads slowly spawns slowly (well runs slower than a turtle race) Any one got any ideas C_C
  8. I have this new thing called XP-AntiSpy that can change some of the settings if anyone else has XP-AntiSpy can you tell me if it can fuck up MTA play C_C
  9. I have the English version of gtavc (1.1) I use a no-cd crack but no mods and to the other guy i'm not that dumb i've used it lots of times before but now arfter i reformated my hard drive and re-installed everything it wont work anymore Could it be a problem with some of the settings i have on my computer.
  10. When ever i start vice city its fine then arfter i go start new game, start Multi theft auto it will load but then the game freezes on a black screen with the chat box at the top which is also frozen. CC
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