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  1. Are you still banned even on the new ip because i unbanned Everyone
  2. I just posted the discord invite I apoligize for the inconvinece
  3. https://www.game-state.com/ We just relaunched and now all of our bans have been lifted please if you would like to come join us you should all be unbanned the people who were banned anyways Hope to see you all in game soon server ip mtasa:// https://discord.gg/WqTENhE this is our discord server link never expires
  4. Underload

    [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    cant wait to see where this server goes
  5. Underload

    [Roleplay] Liberty City Roleplay [English]

    very nice i cannot wait for this to come
  6. Underload

    [Roleplay] Ardic Gaming

    this explains why no faction wants me there and no staff does please have fun with it though i will not be on to much after today
  7. Underload

    need help

    because im living in a homeless shelter at the moment
  8. Underload

    need help

    there's no way without router acess?
  9. Underload

    need help

    i have xxamp for the mysql and i need to figure out if theres a way to open ports without router access
  10. Underload

    need help

    bet thank you
  11. Underload

    need help

    I don't know how to change the script version tbh I'm new to scripting do you know how ?
  12. Underload

    need help

    is it possible to find mta 1.3 ? because i need it for a old script for a local roleplay server
  13. Underload

    MTA RP problem

    i cant figure out where deathmatch Moduels is can someone help me?
  14. Underload

    I need help for my MTA server!

    same here i am trying to get a RP server going for people to join today
  15. Hey hey @willieisback I'm Ruben :)

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    2. Underload


      you fired me then you banned me ? really ive contacted the FBI and the Police you will be in prison soon Scammer


      Im nothing without implicit 

    3. JR.


      Hello willie -_- I got the whole chat on Skype wanne see it?

    4. Underload


      you scammed me dude :O off ill have FBI arresst you for fraud