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  1. Small Towns Roleplay Open Now Our discord https://discord.gg/ajebsqW http://ugrpkc.boards.net/ our website Currently we are Working on some stuff to get everything running just right should be about 15 minutes after this post goes live the server will be unlocked I am aware people will say this server is a meme and stuff i am just trying to make a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms dont like it ? then dont post negitive stuff here please im trying to get a community where there is no toxic people so if you are toxic once you will be kicked more than 3 times you will have to appeal the ban Please Refrain from negitive attitudes in our discord We also use a cad system that is free for dispatching policing and any govermental work that is done at www.saucecad.com
  2. Underload

    [TRUCK] SAtrucking.com[Polish/English]

    looks good cant wait to see this
  3. Dont remove my post when its the truth
  4. Underload

    [ROLEPLAY] Hyper Gaming

    the discord invite is invalid
  5. Underload

    [ROLEPLAY] Project Reality, COMING SOON

    But atleast they were willing to go in and take the time to do stuff that hasnt been doing before
  6. i liked this server till i got banned they set people up tbh just to lose players
  7. Underload

    [ROLEPLAY] Project Reality, COMING SOON

    anything posted by this dude isnt serious the admins are so powerhungry that he hires its so funny
  8. theres a admin on here who abuses just to avoid rping with certian people aswell :Oing caused me to go into a psycotic rage
  9. this server is just as toxic as owlgaming
  10. i like what i see if yall need someone to host it i got a vps
  11. Underload

    [ROLEPLAY] New Life Roleplay [ENGLISH]

    is this up ?
  12. The admins here are also so power hungry its not even funny
  13. they ban people for speaking truth about this place aswell
  14. fernando insults nothing happens anyone else insults nothing happens they cause people to lash out and the person who lashes out gets banned SMART
  15. they unbanned me just to talk some more :~ never once did i break any rules on this server plus they refuese to awnser my reports and i also just had to run completly across the map because of this (Dont play here its not worth the time }