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  1. What is the command to use this in game though ?
  2. how do i assign the screen i already have the interior just need to assign the screen pleasee
  3. Such A great server to play on like legitmatly always somthing going on here totally worth the connect and stay
  4. https://discord.gg/nQKmAaM Join the second discord link please this one is dying
  5. Small Towns Roleplay is now open to the public and we are looking for experienced and none experienced staff team that we can train please join our discord at https://discord.gg/A7UYVXJ mtasa://
  6. it is a error in the script
  7. Small Towns Roleplay is now Open to the public we started in early 2018 with a strive to bring back roleplay to multi theft auto with our dedicated staff team currently we are looking for admins and helpers https://discord.gg/8UbDcXy
  8. its good to see that this community has people backing it will be joining it soon
  9. Very nice to see a community with costom stuff will be taking a look at the server itself very soon
  10. is there a discord for this ?