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  1. Alrighty understood, Can you give me a invite to the discord ? im actually not https://imgur.com/a/MB5R2oQ
  2. Underload

    [ROLEPLAY] Warrior Gaming Roleplay

    invite expired
  3. it wouldnt be a second chance though it would be more like a third
  4. Small Towns Roleplay was founded in 2019 with a sole purpose of bringing a unbiased open place for people and there friends to roleplay, Now i am aware of my past history in this game but lets take a step back for a while, I started this server to bring more people here and stop old drama everyone i love this game and would love to see it flourish mtasa:// The server discord is https://discord.gg/KcrbTEU and we are still setting up i will reedit and stuff when the server goes live on MTA, Thank you and remember to join The Staff Applications will be opening very soon all depends on the playerbase Ladies and Genlemen https://www.game-state.com/ please note we are just starting out but we are experienced in admining also we are Hiring https://forms.gle/FyxK51EKB8tWu9vC7 Please Do not spam staff about applications may result in a denial
  5. I really wanted to get unbanned from this server but there is no website to do so also mainly because i redid my machine and i was wanting to rejoin again but there is no way to do this so... anyways please unban me ruben i am sorry for everything dude i tried to be coool with yall but i felt yall didnt like me then yall banned me for a dumb reason
  6. Small Towns Roleplay|Closed its Doors
  7. Underload

    [TRUCK] SAtrucking.com[Polish/English]

    looks good cant wait to see this
  8. Dont remove my post when its the truth
  9. Underload

    [ROLEPLAY] Hyper Gaming

    the discord invite is invalid
  10. Underload

    [ROLEPLAY] Project Reality, COMING SOON

    But atleast they were willing to go in and take the time to do stuff that hasnt been doing before
  11. i liked this server till i got banned they set people up tbh just to lose players
  12. Underload

    [ROLEPLAY] Project Reality, COMING SOON

    anything posted by this dude isnt serious the admins are so powerhungry that he hires its so funny