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  1. kyotomizuko

    Fortnite map ?

    last time i play mta, it still dayz dominating now seems like battle royale gamemod dominating the whole server
  2. kyotomizuko

    [SELL] Fortnite Gamemode

    if it has a building system, then $65 is too cheap
  3. kyotomizuko


    we need price information !!
  4. omg thats really awesome script you got there
  5. kyotomizuko

    [SELL] Vice City Roleplay

    provide any information please
  6. kyotomizuko

    Debug Monitor for mta dayz in DX

    wow silence, still active on dayz ?
  7. kyotomizuko

    [SELLING] DayZ ULTIMATE style MTA DayZ epoch script.

    wow quite expensive though...
  8. kyotomizuko

    [SELL]Unfinished building system FORTNITE with models

    MTA is a sick !! last time i played pubg and it feel like real PUBG dayummmmm
  9. kyotomizuko

    MTA:DayZ 0.9.6a [OUT NOW] [OPEN SOURCE]

    nice lawliet
  10. Revioners MTA:DayZ Standalone [International] MTA:SA version : 1.5.3 ( newest MTA version in ) SERVER LOCATION : SINGAPORE SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Fanspage : Revioners-Gaming
  11. kyotomizuko

    Installing and Configuring Nginx as an External Web Server

    sorry the actual ip was
  12. hello i tried install and configuring nginx, but i have problem i make sure i running and install everything about it, also add files mta-server1 but when i try to connect to my "" its said not found, anyone can help me? sorry for my bad english
  13. kyotomizuko

    MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    did u already release the newest version?
  14. kyotomizuko

    DayZ | Backpack equip / unequip system

    please upload it asap
  15. kyotomizuko

    MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    i cant wait until next update, please make big update