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  1. hello I have a problem rather a doubt someone knows how it could be done to make some parts of the body of the player, I know it is done with shaders but someone could pass me a script or some way of doing it since I do not know anything about shaders or pass an editable script, please for example:
  2. Firstly I recommend using attachElements which is optimal, so you could use this function detachElements and then destroyElement so that it does not stay in the player and if that doesn't work; instead use bone attach, which uses best attach element is more easy
  3. Hola bueno quería pedirles si me pueden ayudar con este script que ise lo que pasa es que ya funciona todos los botones y eso pero al momento de logearme me sale que esta mal la contraseña o no existe y al momento de registrarme me sale que ya existe queria saber si me ayudan a repararlo no se si es un problema de algun evento grid o algo por favor llevo todo el dia intentando y no me sale que podra ser el error cliente: GUIEditor = { button = {}, window = {}, edit = {}, staticimage = {}, label = {} } zero = "" two = "" GUIEditor.window[1] = guiCreateWindow(0.38, 0.31, 0.22, 0.32, "Login", true) guiWindowSetSizable(GUIEditor.window[1], false) showCursor(true) logon = guiCreateButton(0.03, 0.82, 0.46, 0.15, "Login", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) guiSetFont(logon, "default-bold-small") GUIEditor.button[2] = guiCreateButton(0.52, 0.82, 0.46, 0.15, "Registro", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) guiSetFont(GUIEditor.button[2], "default-bold-small") GUIEditor.staticimage[1] = guiCreateStaticImage(0.02, 0.06, 0.96, 0.26, ":guieditor/images/plus.png", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) GUIEditor.label[1] = guiCreateLabel(0.41, 0.34, 0.20, 0.08, "Usuario", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) guiSetFont(GUIEditor.label[1], "default-bold-small") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(GUIEditor.label[1], "center", false) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(GUIEditor.label[1], "center") GUIEditor.label[2] = guiCreateLabel(0.41, 0.55, 0.20, 0.08, "contraseña", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) guiSetFont(GUIEditor.label[2], "default-bold-small") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(GUIEditor.label[2], "center", false) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(GUIEditor.label[2], "center") GUIEditor.edit[1] = guiCreateEdit(0.28, 0.42, 0.47, 0.11, "", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) GUIEditor.edit[2] = guiCreateEdit(0.28, 0.65, 0.47, 0.10, "", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) guiEditSetMasked ( password, true ) usuario = guiGetText ( GUIEditor.edit[1] ) guiGetText ( GUIEditor.edit[2] ) function onregister ( ) triggerServerEvent("rg",getLocalPlayer(),usuario,contra) end addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor.button[2], onregister) function onlogin ( ) triggerServerEvent("lg",getLocalPlayer(),usuario,contra) end addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", logon, onlogin) function ocu ( ) guiSetVisible( GUIEditor.window[1], false ) showCursor(false) end addEvent ( "ocultar", true ) addEventHandler ( "ocultar", getLocalPlayer(), ocu) button = guiCreateButton( 0.7, 0.1, 0.2, 0.1, "OK", true ) --Create an edit box and define it as "editBox". editBox = guiCreateEdit( 0.3, 0.1, 0.4, 0.1, "", true ) guiEditSetMaxLength ( editBox, 128 ) --the max chatbox length is 128, so force this --setup our function to output the message to the chatbox function outputEditBox () local text = guiGetText ( editBox )--get the text from the edit box outputChatBox ( contra ) --output that text end addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", button, outputEditBox ) y servidor function rg(usuario,contra) if (addAccount(usuario,contra)) then triggerClientEvent(source,"ocultar",source) logIn (source,getAccount(usuario,contra),contra) else outputChatBox("la cuenta ya existe") end end addEvent("rg",true) addEventHandler("rg",getRootElement(), rg) function lg(usuario,contra) cuenta = getAccount(usuario,contra) if (cuenta) then triggerClientEvent(source,"ocultar",source) logIn (source,getAccount(usuario,contra),contra) outputChatBox("te logeaste correctamente") setCameraTarget(source) else outputChatBox("la cuenta no existe o la contraseña esta mal") end end addEvent("lg",true) addEventHandler("lg",getRootElement(), lg) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(),function () triggerClientEvent(source,"abrir",source) end) function setCameraOnPlayerJoin() -- slowly fade the camera in to make the screen visible fadeCamera(source, true, 5) -- set the player's camera to a fixed position, looking at a fixed point setCameraMatrix(source, -1568, 540, 80, -400000, 10000000, 99.881813049316) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, setCameraOnPlayerJoin) addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), setCameraOnPlayerJoin )
  4. hmmm donde estan x y z ponle digamos creo que la de la espalda es 2 donde dice x,y,z ponle x,y,z+2 o ve calculando osea xyz son las cordenadas
  5. usa esto
  6. hola es que en mi server me gustaría poner un rs de modo pasivo pero que si el jugador activo el modo no pueda disparar y tenga que desactivarlo para poder disparar ademas que cuando este activado tenga inmortalidad
  7. Hola tengo este pequeño script y lo que pasa que no se porque se bugea y no toma solo a los jugadores que les apunto o están cerca sino también toma a lejanos me gustaría saber como podría hacer que a una distancia corta solo le baje vida a los jugadores cercanos pero no al reproductor function playerTargetCheck ( ) local target for i, thePlayer in ipairs ( getElementsByType("player") ) do -- iterate over all players target = getPedTarget ( thePlayer ) - if ( target ) then -- if there was a target local health = getElementHealth(target) setElementHealth (target, health - 50 ) end end end addCommandHandler ( "sharigano", playerTargetCheck )
  8. If I use triggerclientvent you think it will look server side
  9. Sorry I already put it in the correct language
  10. Hi believe this rs what happens is that the effects are only seen on the side of the user osea client and the others can not see it I would like to help me to turn it server side x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) fx2 = createEffect("flame", x, y, z-1000) fx3 = createEffect("flame", x, y, z-1000) fx4 = createEffect("flame", x, y, z-1000) function fire() setEffectDensity(fx2, 2) setEffectSpeed(fx2, 1) setObjectScale ( fx2, 0.5) attachElements (fx,localPlayer, 0, 0, 5 ) setWeaponProperty(8, "damage", 100) end addCommandHandler("fire", fire) function disableMinigunOnSwitch ( player, prevSlot, newSlot ) if getPedWeapon(player(),newSlot) == 8 then --if the switched weapon is the minigun exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone(fx2,player,12,0,0,0.1,0,0,0) exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone(fx3,player,12,-1,0,0.1,0,0,0) exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone(fx4,player,12,-0.5,0,0.1,0,0,0) else --if it isnt the minigun exports.bone_attach:detachElementFromBone(fx) exports.bone_attach:detachElementFromBone(fx2) exports.bone_attach:detachElementFromBone(fx3) exports.bone_attach:detachElementFromBone(fx4) setElementPosition ( fx2, x, y, z-1000 ) setElementPosition ( fx3, x, y, z-1000 ) setElementPosition ( fx4, x, y, z-1000 ) end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerWeaponSwitch", getRootElement(), disableMinigunOnSwitch ) function stopMinigunDamage ( attacker, weapon, bodypart ) if ( weapon == 8 ) then --if the weapon used was the minigun createFire(x, y, z, 2) --cancel the event end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage", getLocalPlayer(), stopMinigunDamage )