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  1. GTA Online is official mutltiplayer for GTA V by Rockstar MTA:SA is unofficial multiplayer for GTA SA by MTA Team.
  2. Hi everyone. I am administrator of the server "TRINITY" We have a problem with ddos server. MTA player known as Varus maked ddos to server, we tried ban him, but he continues make ddos atack to server. Proofs: screenshots and logs: #000000>BelphegoR, i'mGayImRaped:v, SpetsnazRaped = Varus, serial number is 603CF4E1A6A785771CAA6B4A42FCB5F3 Logs: Screenshots : by moderator server AKS 1 http://imgur.com/a/cx8D4 2 http://imgur.com/a/NVX5h 3 http://imgur.com/a/nmPuy Also, this man ddosed other servers, example of report:
  3. Fake tohuwabohu: Real tohuwabohu:
  4. I am an administrator of -=TRINITY=- Server i want to report fake servers: 1 fake spam server TRINITY MTA 7MB DOGMOD,KNIFE,TDM,RACE,DRIFT,PARTY,F1 (REDIRECT TO FAKE COOPERA SERVER) 2 fake spam server mtasa:// (Redirect to TürkAsk Gaming) Real ip of trinity = Note: owner of spam redirect TRINITY MTA 7MB DOGMOD,KNIFE,TDM,RACE,DRIFT is undertaker his serials: 6C6CAF32CCFC7D6E63AC69047EF8ECE4 0EACC33A461C28AA1404E13A1BEA6A94
  5. UPD, im banned for not ddos attacks
  6. Hello, 7 november i got global ban by developer CCW for DDoS attacks in summer 2016, i want to ask: whether it is possible to get unban? I more not ddosing servers from summer, i want to play in servers + i administrator on one server for scripts.