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  1. [JS]ViceCity[GtaVC]

    Another wonderful project, as it expected!
  2. Grid list and buttons background

    guiSetAlpha ( element guielement, float alpha ) You only can hide the whole element. Maybe you should use static images and labels...
  3. Player animation

  4. [JS]GTA3|LC

    Epic work man!
  5. I have the same problem. This problem is caused because the conversation use too much custom objects (around 1500). @CodyJ(L) mentioned, that he will appear a map editor, which will can handle these objects. So much people are waiting for it with interest
  6. [QUESTION] Custom clothes with shaders

    Thank you @pa3ck, and also for your shader!
  7. Hello guys I want to make a clothe system which depend on, that we can change CJ's clothes txd. But, I want that players can use not only the CJ's original skin, I think there is an option with shaders, so I can change CJ's "skin" and make some another type, like European, Asian men/women. So the question is, has anyone shader for CJ's body, or any better idea, how can I make this possible? If I can, I don't want to use bone attached custom objects. Thank you for any answer!
  8. share some things.

    So first of all, arguments mean variables wich are attach to your event, what you triggered before. For example, you triggered "drawStuff" event, and you can attach a variable, then in function ( in client side drawstuff) you can use it. If you have any question, I can help you in PM in Hungary....
  9. Custom vinyl on car

    Thank you @3aGl3, I guess I learned so much... If I will have done something, I will post it...
  10. Custom vinyl on car

    Thank you @3aGl3! I also don't think, that I find a public one, but I interested, how it basicly work and how I can make my own one... I wonder, how shaders can apply in real time and how to change their position and size, as we could se in the video? I just learn how shaders are working...
  11. Custom vinyl on car

    Hey guys, I have another question for you! I saw this video on the internet, but I haven't got any idea, how the creator did this custom vinyl system... I think he did some magice with shader, but I don't know Thank you for any asnwer guys!
  12. Mapping with custom objects

  13. Mapping with custom objects

    I mean yes, I loaded the .map file and then I started the resource, what load the custom objects, and import them into the editor with "import [resource]" command... But here the editor crashed...
  14. Mapping with custom objects

    Hey guys, I have another question for you! I have a Liberty City map conversation ( what I made with the scene2res converter), so I have lots of custom objects. The problem is, when I want to load them into the editor, server warn me about "long execution in main_editor.lua", and the objects not loaded. Have you got any idea, what should I do, or if the editor script is not avaiable for this, what program is? Thank you for any answer!
  15. Jquery Event Trigger

    Okay, I have 2 Lua resource, ones contains dx functions, what I call in different res: function dxEditbox(xb,yb,wb,hb,name,types) local boxweb = guiCreateBrowser(xb,yb,wb,hb,true,true,false) local bboxweb = guiGetBrowser( boxweb ) addEventHandler("onClientBrowserCreated", bboxweb, function() loadBrowserURL(bboxweb, "http://mta/ts_dx_core/web/editbox.html") end ) addEventHandler ( "onClientBrowserDocumentReady" , bboxweb ,function () executeBrowserJavascript(bboxweb, "$(document).trigger('onEditBoxCall',['""','password']);" ) end) return boxweb end function dxGetEditbox(wbox,name) local asd = guiGetBrowser( wbox ) executeBrowserJavascript(asd, "$(document).trigger('onEditBoxGetValue');" ) return edittext end So, in a Login system, I want to call these functions. Because, it's work in progress, I just bind the dxGetEditbox function on a key: addEventHandler("onPasswordPanelCall",root,function() start = getTickCount() movex1,movex2 = movex2,-1500 setTimer(function() removeEventHandler("onClientClick",root,userchoose) removeEventHandler("onClientRender",root,loginpanel) addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,passwordpanel) movex1,movex2 = 1920,700 start = getTickCount() boxweb = exports['ts_dx_core']:dxEditbox(1920,550,300,150,"password","password") end,2000,1) end) bindKey("n","up",function() addEventHandler("onEditBoxValue",root,function(backtext) outputChatBox(backtext) end) exports['ts_dx_core']:dxGetEditbox(boxweb,"password") end)