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  1. thanks dude, so far so good. if any error, would u help me again? hehehe. big thanks btw
  2. help stuck here
  3. it got no error report but still not get the reward and the outputChatBox not displayed. thanks for replying
  4. player_account = getPlayerAccount(source) function RewardLevel ( ) local wonge = source local UP = tonumber ( getAccountData ( player_account, "level" ) ) or 0 if ( UP == 1 ) then outputChatBox( "test") elseif ( UP == 2 ) then givePlayerMoney ( wonge, 50000 ) outputChatBox( "Reward Level 2 : get $50,000!") elseif ( UP == 3 ) then setPedStat(wonge, 24, 585) outputChatBox( "Reward Level 3 : increase Max HP!" ) end end addEvent("onPlayerChangeLevel", true) addEvent("onPlayerLevelUP", true) addEventHandler("onPlayerChangeLevel", getRootElement(), RewardLevel) addEventHandler("onPlayerLevelUP", getRootElement(), RewardLevel) it got error : Bad argument @ 'getAccountData' [Expected account at argument 1, got boolean] and not get the reward. HELP!
  5. ok thanks
  6. i want to disable /login or /logout on console command but i cant find the resource that add the command. i use 'play' gamemode... i need help. sorry if this not the right fourm
  7. thanks for ur advice dude, i'll find another way
  8. Big Thanks Bro, u r genius. it work thanks
  9. function onregenstart() setTimer( healthup, 7000, 0, getElementsByType( "player" )) end addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), onregenstart ) function healthup(thePlayer) for k, players in ipairs(getElementsByType( "player" )) do if(getAccountData(players, "regen") == true) then local phealth = getElementHealth( players ) setElementHealth( players, phealth + 5 ) end end end it says "WARNING: remek\remek.lua:8: Bad argument @ 'getAccountData' [Expected account at argument 1, got player]" i want to all player with the account data named "regen" that have "true" value can regen health. and player data with false value on the account cant regen the health
  10. -- i cant display the killer name, whatswrong? addEventHandler("onPedWasted", getRootElement(), function(ammo, killer) if isElement(Musuh) then if source == Musuh then givePlayerMoney(killer,10000) triggerClientEvent ( "mandeg", root ) triggerClientEvent ( "menang", root ) destroyElement(Realtzank) destroyElement(blip[2]) outputChatBox( getPlayerName(killer) " get 10000", killer) end end end )
  11. where to find script that can make boss / ped invincible?
  12. thanks dude... its work
  13. yeah but its not working, where's the mistake?
  14. -- i want to know about michael99's resource known "m-nickname". i really need help function setPlayerName (thePlayer) acc = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) user = getAccountName(acc) if user then setPlayerName(thePlayer,user) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",getRootElement(),setPlayerName)