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  1. uFloody

    [REL] Bonsai's Multigamemode

    I still can't figure how to fix this.. I'm dumb rofl
  2. uFloody

    [REL] Bonsai's Multigamemode

    Ok, I think that i've added the code in the two scripts but when I enter in a arena nothing happens. (Console gives me a error: mapmanager_s.lua:44: attempt to index field 'mapData' a nil value). Idk if I made something wrong in server side script. Thanks.
  3. uFloody

    [REL] Bonsai's Multigamemode

    Ok, i'ill try that. Thanks for the fast awnser.
  4. uFloody

    [REL] Bonsai's Multigamemode

    Sorry to bump this tread.. I'm editing this gamemode to put on my server but the wheater and time won't load. From what I've been reading here, this is a problem with the wrapper(?). Is there any workaround I can do to make the time and weather work?