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  1. you should test all the bugs with this script. Some of the players like using bugs. Try to pay /pay NAME 4664.4442 if is this work, you should fix it
  2. oh yes, i didn't see that. So i tried to make command for that error getAccountsBySerial expected string at argument 1 got nil function GetAccountNameFromSerial(serial) local accounts = getAccountsBySerial(serial) if accounts then for _,v in pairs(accounts) do outputChatBox(getAccountName(v)) end end end addCommandHandler("tes",GetAccountNameFromSerial)
  3. want to make something like this but i want the player account name by serial , not the serial addCommandHandler("getaccserial", function (player, cmd, accountName) if accountName then local account = getAccount(accountName) if (account) then outputChatBox("The serial is " .. getAccountSerial(account),player,255,255,255,true) else outputChatBox("Account not found") end end end)
  4. I want something this GetAccountsBySerial , but not numbers, i need the target player account name by serial
  5. dont comment here if you stupid, ty.
  6. rlly?
  7. Hi, how can i get the player account name by serial? (I need account name, not account numbers)
  8. type upgrade all , then everything updating
  9. i know... already done this. But i can not cancel this, because the "username" always changing. How can i cancel that? i tried with this addEventHandler ( "onClientChatMessage", root, function ( text ,username) if text == "No known account for '"..username.."'" then cancelEvent() end end)
  10. Hi. How can i cancel this, when player account not exist? login: No known account for 'sad' I want to cancel the "No known account for 'sad' message like this: if text == "ACL: Access denied for 'start'" then cancelEvent() end
  11. I want that, when player click on the button show the menu, if again click on the button hide the menu (remove the handler)
  12. nothing different
  13. if i click again on the button, remove the event handler
  14. addEventHandler("onClientClick", root, function(key, state, cx, cy) if isContactOpened == true then return end if key == "left" and state == "down" then if isCursorInBox(screenW * 0.4729, screenH * 0.3130, screenW * 0.0953, screenH * 0.0269) then isContactOpened = true addEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(),contactBTN) else removeEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(),contactBTN) isContactOpened = false end end end) mm.. How can i do this?
  15. use @marty000123 code, and when @NeXuS™ done, you just change the code.