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  1. Remove Non-Collidable objects

    download gta sa map editor, then find the object id, then use removeWorldModel
  2. vehicle script

    setPlayerBlurLevel ( element, 0 )
  3. [HELP] gang invites

  4. Can how X function be shared into all resources.

    meta.xml <meta> <script src="server.lua" type="server" /> <script src="client.lua" type="client" /> <export function="giveMoney" type="server" /> <export function="giveMoney" type="client" /> </meta> client.lua --[[ CLIENT SIDE ]] function giveMoney(value) triggerServerEvent("source >> giveMoney", getLocalPlayer(), value) end server.lua --[[ SERVER SIDE ]] addEvent("source >> giveMoney",true) addEventHandler("source >> giveMoney", getRootElement(), function(value) givePlayerMoney(source, value) return true end) function giveMoney(element, value) if isElement(element) and tonumber(value) then givePlayerMoney(element, value) return true else return false end end
  5. [HELP] Clientside outputChatBox

    function heroinDrugOff(source,player) local playerHealth = getElementHealth(theDrugPlayer) setPlayerStat (theDrugPlayer, 24, 590) if (playerHealth > 100) then setElementHealth(theDrugPlayer, 100) else setElementHealth(theDrugPlayer, playerHealth) end outputChatBox("yourmessages") end
  6. [HELP] Optimization

    Thank you for your reply! One more question, if i using custom font (AwesomeFont) , is that can make any minus FPS for players ? I never knew this.
  7. [HELP] Optimization

    Hi, i made a dx update note. Is there any way to optimize it more ? function drawPanel() latestRow = currentRow + maxRow - 1 dxDrawRectangle(panelX, panelY, mainW, mainH, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 180)) for i, v in ipairs(TextsInTable) do if i >= currentRow and i <= latestRow then i = i - currentRow + 1 local rowY = panelY + rowH + ((i - 1) * rowH) - 180 dxDrawCenterText(v[1].." "..v[2], panelX, rowY, mainW, mainH, Font) end end end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawPanel) bindKey("mouse_wheel_down", "down", function() if currentRow < #TextsInTable - (maxRow - 1) then currentRow = currentRow + 1 end end) bindKey("mouse_wheel_up", "down", function() if currentRow > 1 then currentRow = currentRow - 1 end end) function dxDrawCenterText(text, startX, startY, width, height, color) dxDrawText(text, startX, startY, startX + width , startY + height, color, 1, "normal", "center", "center", false, false, false, true) end
  8. i'm 100% sure you don't know anything what u are doing. Asking help for a leaked scripts (Another topic).. Why do you have a server if you don't know :~ ?
  9. [HELP] fileRead

  10. [HELP] fileRead

    Hi, how can i get the first line, then the second line of the file, when using fileRead? local a = "EZ1" local b = "EZ2" local userJSON = fileCreate(":test/user.json") if (userJSON) then fileWrite(userJSON, a.."\n"..b); fileClose(userJSON) print("Done") end addCommandHandler("b", function() local playerJSON = fileOpen("user.json") if playerJSON then playerJSONRead = fileRead(playerJSON, 500) fileClose(playerJSON) outputChatBox(playerJSONRead) --LINE 1 outputChatBox(playerJSONRead) --LINE 2 end end)
  11. [Help] control when fired or something : count= {} count[source] and your stuff
  12. [HELP] What wrong with playSound3D?

    trigger it, but i don't think that's gonna work with yt link.
  13. [HELP] What wrong with playSound3D?

    function trig() triggerClientEvent(root, "asd123asd456", root, "asd.mp3") end addEvent( "asjdlaj", true ) addEventHandler( "asjdlaj", root, trig )
  14. [QUESTION] The fetchRemote download files?

    I was wrong sorry.