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  1. You can use the SA Editor, select the object, then copy everything to the @StormFighter script.
  2. No. So i tried to create the "cv" command, but when i create the vehicle, the "vehS + 1 not changing, so something wrong with that, i need help with that. so the car id is always 0 or 1..
  3. Hello, how can i make something thins? I want set id for each vehicle which is spawned. Then i can create /getcar command. I dont want to save this forever. local vehS = 0 function createVeh(player,CMD,veh) local vehName = getVehicleIDFromName(veh) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) if vehName == false then --- else vehS + 1 theveh = createVehicle(vehName,x+5,y,z) setElementData(theveh,"vehID",vehS) end end addCommandHandler("cv",createVeh)
  4. nothing...
  5. can i edit the /login command? I want that, when i type /login but no acc name or pw then outputChatBox("use /login accname pw")
  6. Or you can make your custom using setElementData, getElementData. for /name addCommandHandler("name", function(player,cmd,...) local name = table.concat({ ... }, " ") if #name > 0 then setElementData("player.nick",name) end end ) -- for get getelementData(player,"player.nick") or "some error"
  7. Links not working, can u upload again pls
  8. you should test all the bugs with this script. Some of the players like using bugs. Try to pay /pay NAME 4664.4442 if is this work, you should fix it
  9. oh yes, i didn't see that. So i tried to make command for that error getAccountsBySerial expected string at argument 1 got nil function GetAccountNameFromSerial(serial) local accounts = getAccountsBySerial(serial) if accounts then for _,v in pairs(accounts) do outputChatBox(getAccountName(v)) end end end addCommandHandler("tes",GetAccountNameFromSerial)
  10. want to make something like this but i want the player account name by serial , not the serial addCommandHandler("getaccserial", function (player, cmd, accountName) if accountName then local account = getAccount(accountName) if (account) then outputChatBox("The serial is " .. getAccountSerial(account),player,255,255,255,true) else outputChatBox("Account not found") end end end)
  11. I want something this GetAccountsBySerial , but not numbers, i need the target player account name by serial
  12. dont comment here if you stupid, ty.
  13. rlly?
  14. Hi, how can i get the player account name by serial? (I need account name, not account numbers)
  15. type upgrade all , then everything updating