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  1. Draw the full image with dxDrawImage(), then draw the section on the full image you need with dxDrawImageSection(), another color.
  2. szekelymilan

    Blurry text

    You can test where is the problem with this program: http://escapistgame.com/font_test.zip font_test.exe -> made with DirectX font_test2.exe -> made with OpenGL I had this problem a day ago - font_test.exe showed me blurry texts. I've disabled NVIDIA FXAA, then it worked. I think that could solve the problem on AMD cards too.
  3. element1 element2 -> attached to element1 When you attach these two, get the rotation of element1, and element2. Save them in a table (rotations). Then, when you are trying to get the element2's actual rotation, just get the rotation of element1, and have 3 new variables: differenceX = rotations['element1'][1] - getElementRotation(element1)[1] -- make differenceY and differenceZ like this Then, you can get the element2's rotation, with rotations['element2'][1] + differenceX, or if it's not working, use - of + instead. I hope this can be working!
  4. I think, it only can be possible if you have a bot, who automatically updates it from an MTA Client's Server Browser. (like gametracker.com)
  5. I recommend you, to use dxDrawImage, but that's your choice. You can like this: guiSetProperty(guiElement, "Rotation", "x:[x_float] y:[y_float] z:[z_float]")
  6. I recommend you to use callRemote(), and update the stats in the PHP files every minute with setTimer() in Lua. If the PHP didn't receive the new stat, it means, the server is offline.
  7. Well, you need to use <download_priority_group>number</download_priority_group> in the meta.xml file, or you can use fileDownload() in a main resource's lua file. The default download priority group is 0, the higher value will be downloaded earlier.
  8. local arfolyam = math.random(200,5130) setTimer(function() arfolyam = math.random(200,5130) outputChatBox("Jelenlegi árfolyam: "..arfolyam) end, 500, 0) GUIEditor.window[1] = guiCreateWindow(0.35, 0.31, 0.31, 0.28, "Aranykereskedés", true) guiWindowSetSizable(GUIEditor.window[1], false) GUIEditor.label[1] = guiCreateLabel(0.02, 0.59, 0.95, 0.14, "Az arany jelenlegi árfolyama: "..arfolyam, true, GUIEditor.window[1]) P.S.: I'm Hungarian too!
  9. A rectangle, then use dxDrawText, and a for loop for ipairs(getElementsByType('player')).
  10. Just do it on client-side. When the player quits, it is automatically destroyed, because of the client-side.. setTimer (function() -- creating an infinite setTimer. setElementData (localPlayer, 'points', tonumber(getElementData(localPlayer, points)) + 1) -- plus 1 to the player's points end, 10000, 0) -- and that's it!
  11. Use getElementRotation()
  12. On the leave command, just destroy the blip. function leaveTestGroup () -- your code -- ... if (blip) then destroyElement (blip) blip = nil end end addCommandHandler ("leave", leaveTestGroup)
  13. This is my script... I think it's bad, but. I can make that... addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() local dff = engineLoadDFF('files/kresz01.dff', 0) engineReplaceModel(dff, 1323) engineSetModelLODDistance(1323, 500) local myShader = dxCreateShader('files/shader.fx') end ) function first() local txd = engineLoadTXD('files/kresz_es01.txd') dxSetShaderValue( myShader, "1323", txd ) end function second() local txd = engineLoadTXD('files/kresz_es02.txd') dxSetShaderValue( myShader, "1323", txd ) end addCommandHandler ( "kresz011", first ) addCommandHandler ( "kresz012", second )
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