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  1. Join our forum at also join our teamspeak IP:

  2. Dear @Da Nang I'm very sorry that this happened. You might sent me your discord so i can talk with you.
  3. ServerIP: Our Discord: OUR FORUM: TEAMSPEAK: Sky Roleplay is made to create the ultimate roleplay experience. Sky Roleplay is a medium/heavy roleplay server, based in Red County. Sky Roleplay has many custom interiors, unique mappings, many unique scripts and last but not least, realistical roleplay experience. Features: Vehicle Sounds Mappings Interiors ETC.. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We Also have host alot of different events for the players with rewards and try to spice up the player experience. Screenshots from the server: DMV: FD: Hospital: The Montgomery Park: The Town Hall:
  4. We now have a community partnership with SAAW gaming and their || World War 2 || server. our goal is to bring a bigger community together. UPDATE: Saaw ww2 IP: mtasa:// -Added mtasa:// GTA Roleplay IP to the advertisement system -Added new IMPLICIT / SAAW Discord server to advertisement: -Added ability "Raid": Medics can now capture zones with light vehicles -Added ability "Radio transmitter": Radio operators can deploy this device that uncovers all enemies for the whole team in a 20m radius. The transmitter can be shot. -Added a full map list to the "Votemanager" F9 help section -Advertisement/Help messages are now output to chatbox again (one message every 80 seconds) -Fixed a bug that calculated the wrong sound level for a player -Fixed a bug where some pistols made no noise when firing them -Fixed messed up shops in [TDM] Thailand -Nerfed Silent & deadly perk from 20/40% to 15/30% noise reduction -Slightly increased noise from jogging / swimming -Increased noise caused by weapon fire -Auto-Selfheal does now only heal up to ~90% - only a medic can heal beyond ~90% It is very likely that this update introduces new bugs. As usual, report them.
  5. Alright @everyone the admin applications are open, as you can see, but please, fill out the form at
  6. Helle there, for everyone who's interested we've opened the administration applications! If you like to roleplay and help players join our discord and fill in a application!
  7. Mod note: topic locked for serious forum abuse by TS and consorts MTASERVER IP: mtasa:// DISCORDCHANNEL: Welcome to the Implicit Introduction. We are a server that started in the begin of 2016 Now we are almost alive for 4 years with ups and downs we came back in the game. - We want to bring back the roleplay as it was - Legal roleplay is very important in a roleplay server - ILLEGAL roleplay is important to but we are not a RPG server - We want to give everyone something to roleplay - We have an very nice administration team as they are ready to help everyone! - We allow everyone to come ingame if you speak english What do we offer you? We give you the experience to roleplay a good administration team working community and very friendly we offer everyone a faction wich need to have 3 faction members We want to give everyone something to roleplay with out faction or with a faction We have teamspeak almost up everyone is free to join! [ Links below ] ⦁ 21-03-2019 ⦁ Roleplay ⦁ English ⦁ IP: mtasa:// ⦁ Discord: ⦁ Find us on youtube
  8. I meant that every roleplay server which is coming up will die anyways.
  9. Tbh nta roleplay is becoming one hell of a joke
  10. Lady's and gentlemen trust me I'll come back at MTA when I have the perfect laptop I'll even open a GTA 5 roleplay server I'll be creating a big community and trust me everyone who what's with me is getting good :~ in my server for sure
  11. Yh I'm sorry if this is how you think about it
  12. My server was lit watch YouTube this is not the same.