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  1. I meant that every roleplay server which is coming up will die anyways.
  2. Tbh nta roleplay is becoming one hell of a joke
  3. Lady's and gentlemen trust me I'll come back at MTA when I have the perfect laptop I'll even open a GTA 5 roleplay server I'll be creating a big community and trust me everyone who what's with me is getting good :~ in my server for sure
  4. Yh I'm sorry if this is how you think about it
  5. My server was lit watch YouTube this is not the same.
  6.               JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER TO ADVERTISE YOUR MTA SERVER https://discord.gg/cugGVgR

  7. Neryen yigidorusun JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER TO ADVERTISE YOUR MTA SERVER https://discord.gg/cugGVgR
  8. Dear Dre, I've quitted MTA my self but gave the server to my co owner as he resumed it. But still thanks for the offer.
  9. I here by indicate the server to Dom he will be the new server owner and Mikjelis will help him as a co-owner, Mikjelis really thank you for everything and making Implicit roleplay possible really thank you you are a true friend. And Dom it goes without saying you have always stayed true with me respect
  10. @D A R K N E S S I am very sorry that you think so. But what I think is that you haven't even played in the server and just want to give me a bad rehearsal. Or maybe you have played in the server and given a mouth size and are banned after a few warnings. if you have been seriously in the server, and this happened to you so I would like to contact you so that we can solve this problem Greetings implicit staff team
  11. @Underload there you go: https://discord.gg/sxAxEDK enjoy your stay, greetings Implicit staff team.