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  1. @D A R K N E S S I am very sorry that you think so. But what I think is that you haven't even played in the server and just want to give me a bad rehearsal. Or maybe you have played in the server and given a mouth size and are banned after a few warnings. if you have been seriously in the server, and this happened to you so I would like to contact you so that we can solve this problem Greetings implicit staff team
  2. @Underload there you go: https://discord.gg/sxAxEDK enjoy your stay, greetings Implicit staff team.
  3. True so don't blow it up this time. Our new IP: mtasa://
  4. No problem my friend everyone deserves a second chance! But we both know it wasnt a dumb reason.
  5. Discord link was broken added new one : https://discord.gg/khx93Hj 3/26/2019
  6. Hey you might add some pictures or something for the rest good topic.
  7. Hey looks fine to me! Ill join it tomorrow
  8. @Dziugasc I cant see the picture mate. @bzo I' m very sorry that this happened to you. I would like to speak with you at discord to make things right again!
  9. Mike vdb

    [ROLEPLAY] Kota Islands Roleplay

    Looks very good my friend
  10. Dear Lady's and Gentleman, For my server I'm looking for someone that like's to play in a Roleplay server! I want someone that has experience and likes to communicate with other people and someone that takes control over the team. This is why I want someone that likes to do this and want to work with me on the server. Because I want to create an community I want loyal people like the player is a king. For the rest I would love to have an scripter wich could help me a bit out for some good money. For the rest please join my discord channel for more information and I'm hiring Administrators and Game Masters to by the way maybe something for you contact me on discord ass well. Click here to join the Discord Server You might take a look at mine YouTube channel to have an view from the server Click here to go to the YouTube Channel from Ruben Also you can take a look at my topic on the forum ImplicitGaming Roleplay topic ZadeServers - for all your hosting
  11. ONLINE AND RUNNING GOOD TO JOIN 2/10/2019 mtasa:// MTASERVER IP: mtasa:// -- DISCORDCHANNEL: https://discord.gg/n2hksnM ----- Zade Servers---- Zade Servers ---- Zade Servers---- Zade Servers ---- Zade Servers Welcome to the Implicit Introduction. We are a server that started in the begin of 2016 and is coming back in 04/19 Now we are almost alive for one year with ups and downs we came back in the game. - We want to bring back the roleplay as it was - Legal roleplay is very important in a roleplay server - ILLEGAL roleplay is important to but we are not a RPG server - We want to give everyone something to roleplay - We have an very nice administration team as they are ready to help everyone! - We allow everyone to come ingame as you speak english What do we offer you? We give you the experience to roleplay a good administration team working community and very friendly we offer everyone a faction wich need to have 3 faction members We want to give everyone something to roleplay with out faction or with a faction We have teamspeak almost up where you can ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have new nice mappings we have an discord channel that you are free to join! [ Links below ] ⦁ 21-03-2019 ⦁ Roleplay ⦁ English ⦁ IP: mtasa:// ⦁ Discord: https://discord.gg/n2hksnM ⦁ Find us on youtube YOUTUBE CHANNEL DJ set has been added to the script updated forums are up Forum and discord links ⦁ Discord: https://discord.gg/n2hksnM Forum is online: not online yet Zade Servers ⦁ Find us on youtube YOUTUBE CHANNEL Greetingz from us all. Take a look ingame, any futher comments that will give us an bad reputation is being reported.
  12. Laddddyyy's and gentleeemannn. I'm happy to announce that Implicit Roleplay is back online The server IP: mtasa:// Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/n2hksnM
  13. Hello dear friends, Like I said Implicit is making a comeback with in this month. I've contacted some old administrators and they where excited to hear that Implicit is coming back! Do you like to join our community also? Than you might join my discord channel: https://discord.gg/n2hksnM Greetings Ruben.