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  1. Interesting resource. It will be useful. But that's not exactly what I need ... In this feature the player has to give a command to pick up the weapons. If in case he acquiring otherwise the weapons do not appear in his standard menu. I need a feature that when the player acquires a weapon, regardless of the shape, it stays with it even if it already has another of the same category and that appears in its menu in a common way, without commands.
  2. Is it possible for the same player to use two weapons of the same category, for example Desert and colt 45? Is there a script for this?
  3. Thank you. But I realized that, I had added an irregular command line, so the error.
  4. I'm having a problem with this feature. Even altering the distance, you can see the text from anywhere on the map. How to solve? I would like the text to be seen only when it is near. --------------------------- AddEventHandler (' onClientRender ',de raiz, função ( ) para _ , aVehicle na próxima , getElementsByType ( [[ veículo ]] ) fazer Se aVehicle e getElementModel ( aVehicle ) == 429 então locais APX,APY,apz= getElementPosition (localPlayer); locais AVX,avy,AvZ= getElementPosition (aVehicle); se ( getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( APX , APY , apz , AVX , avy , AVZ ) <= 10 ) , em seguida, locais ASX,ASY= getScreenFromWorldPosition (AVX,avy,AVZ); se ( ASX e ASY ) , em seguida, dxDrawText ( tostring ( getVehiclePlateText (aVehicle)),ASX,ASY,_,_, toColor (255,0,0,255),2,'Arial',"centro","centro"); fim fim fim fim fim );
  5. I'm having a problem with this resource. Even altering the distance, it is possible to see the text of any place of the map. How to solve?I would like the text to be seen only by being close --------------------------- addEventHandler ( 'onClientRender',root, function ( ) for _,aVehicle in next,getElementsByType ( [[vehicle]] ) do if aVehicle and getElementModel ( aVehicle ) == 429 then local aPx,aPy,aPz = getElementPosition ( localPlayer ); local aVx,aVy,aVz = getElementPosition ( aVehicle ); if ( getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( aPx,aPy,aPz,aVx,aVy,aVz ) <= 10 ) then local aSx,aSy = getScreenFromWorldPosition ( aVx,aVy,aVz ); if ( aSx and aSy ) then dxDrawText( tostring ( getVehiclePlateText ( aVehicle ) ),aSx,aSy,_,_,tocolor ( 255,0,0,255 ),2,'Arial','center','center' ); end end end end end );
  6. Would have a script / resource for mta and can place text beside the car as in the example below?