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  1. When you've made a working stable multiplayer mod, then say that. Good luck to gtaT, no matter how many letters of the alphabet they go through. THk goodness someone has a brain and i must agree. If u played mta lately it's unstable too. SO STOP ,it's hard to make a multiplayer mod.
  2. dustcrazy2003


    That's so cool!! AND BIG
  3. i'm not going to b/c the only main thing that it does is better secutery . i'm behind a firewall and all that stuff, so i don't need it.
  4. yeah it's fixed,,,. thks Mad_Boy for the Sig. But... back to the subject
  5. As it says, i'm writing a book about Vice City and the modding people. This will cover all the joice subjects(Car Mods, SCM Coding, Multiplayer, Weapon mods, Total Conversion mods, and so..) and how-to's. But i still need some articles. Plz, even if your not a modder. WE WANT YOUR ARTICLES **Update**/ I need a good long article about mta for the multiplayer section.This needs to talk about the past, present, and the futher. Also i still need some team mebers for the book. We need a SMART person for editing. Also we need a couple of people for editing picuters and cover art. If your go
  6. If you want to get a gmail account or give some away post them here!!
  7. dustcrazy2003


    Does anyone have Quake3?
  8. i would have to agree about cheating...Cheaters are lame nOObs who sck badly
  9. dustcrazy2003


    I'm looking for a program for my friend. He wants to program stuuff and he like's the trail version of My Personal Programmer. What is a good free one.
  10. ok. i thk i might know If it's Xp then go to the Control Panel and then go to Sounds and Audio Devices....then the tab Audio and look in there if there's nothing only one thing under Sound Recording (if there's more than one change it and apply, then see if it works). If nothing elsa works look in ur bios.
  11. Thks......If anyone has a better template ,plz let me know. Btw, i'm going to release some details later about a couple ideas i've had.
  12. My site is up and running. If u can code c or vb plz contact me. Introgames is a devloper and a publisher. Plz keep in check for updates. http://introgames.uni.cc/
  13. *update* U can find the orginal topic here http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... sc&start=0 Ok.., ok before this gets lock u can fully get the xbox controller to run VC on the pc with full rumble. First u need the cable to hock it to the pc u can make one http://redcl0ud.hostrocket.com/xbox_wiring.html or buy one http://www.hartsunlimited.com/xbcoadforpcu1.html note don't use the software that comes with it Second you will need the driver u get it here http://redcl0ud.hostrocket.com/xbcd.html Third you will need the force thing for vc once u have all this setup pee and open u
  14. it's possible if u have a modded xbox running evolenX and use the mta client as a trainer as it realy is.
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